I decided to use aluminium for the cowling bowl and was wondering how to shape it without going to learn how to use an English Wheel. I found out that a local pilot had a large press. If I made a pattern, he could press the aluminium around it.

IMG_0390_JPGThis is the pattern I left cot outs for the prop hub and cooling inlets

IMG_0391_JPGOut of the mould and the edges welded.

IMG_0387_JPGCut in two halves. I drilled holes so as to fit the engine crank studs and safety shaft. This will allow me to fit the cowling and have something to attach to.

IMG_0388_JPGAttachment holes

IMG_0392_JPGAttached to the front of the fuselage

IMG_0397_JPGAfter much fiddling about I decided the pressed cowl bowl was not going to fit without some major modification. I decided to use my original front end. I could use the pressed cowl sometime in the future.

IMG_0395_JPGI modified my original templates to produce the new cowling

IMG_0403_JPGPainted and Installed.

I carried out some taxi tests and found the cylinder head temps and oil temps were a bit high so I had to do a bit of a re-design of the baffles and cowling to incorporate an oil cooler. See here.