Complete Sections

These pictures show the completed wing bolted together for the first time. I still need to cover the leading edge area with a box section ply covering



IMG_0658_JPGThe bend shown up by the shadow is in the undulating concrete, not the wing!!!!!!!

IMG_0971_JPGThe Starboard wing ready for its first fitting

IMG_0967_JPGBoth wings ready to fit

IMG_0976_JPGThe first fitting. Looks more like an airplane everyday!

IMG_1048_JPGThe second fitting. Another check of the flying strut lengths

IMG_1057_JPGSome of the flying struts ends ready for fitting

IMG_1058_JPGMore of the same

IMG_1065_JPGFlying struts fitted in place

IMG_1064_JPGBottom of the flying strut fittings

IMG_1068_JPGTop flying strut fitting