On Sunday the 17th December 2006, 103 years after Wilbur and Orville, VH-UFZ took to the skys for the first time. A very enjoyable moment in my life and worth all the time and effort it took to get there. Don’t give up.. the wait is worth it!

I have also added some video of my flights. Some of the videos are not very good (still camera in video mode) but the other looks pretty good.

I have completed a new project and sold the Pietenpol in July 2009 to make room for it. Recently I have purchase a damaged Pietenpol from the US and will be refurbishing/repairing it.


Piet_Turning_1The Piet in Flight

The aircraft was constructed on Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia. Wonthaggi is situated in the South East corner of Australia.

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The finished airplane, this is what the Piet looks like at the airport.

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Mai and I taking some Dreamtime during the construction phase.

Check out the first flight


Landing amongst the fences

A bit more local flying


I found this on YouTube, I don’t know who put the video together but they did a beautiful job.