Build – Prep

I took the damaged cylinder head and cylinder to my local rebuild shop. The shop owner took a look at the damaged valve seat and seems to think he can fix it. He also did a trial bore on the rusty cylinder and it cleaned up at 0.040 over. I have had all the cylinders rebored and cleaned up. I will have them honed to 0.040 over and fit oversized forged pistons. Also, I had the case, heads, bell housing (whats left of it) and front housing all cleaned up.

All cleaned up and ready to go!

I removed all the damaged studs. Two needed drilling and helicoiling. I ordered 10 new studs at 0.003 oversize for the ones that were easily removed and 2 new studs at 0.006 over for the Time-Sert replacements.

Drilling out the old stud
Starting the tap while in the drill press
Fitting the new insert
Tapped for the Time-Serts


Looks as good as new!
All studs back in the case halves
The two gold studs are the 0.006 oversize
Valve seat needs replacement
Alternator and Flexplate

I was going to build the engine exactly to Bernard’s specs, i.e. using the blower and hand propping, but in an effort to have more power, I have since decided to remove the blower and fit a front mounted starter. A visit to the local car recycler netted a used Mitsubishi Alternator with inbuild voltage regulator, a Bosch starter motor removed from a Subaru (with the correct rotation) and a flexplate that appears to fit the starter.

My local machinist has made up the safety shaft for me and modified the crank. He measured the journals on the crank and this will be reground 0.010 smaller.

Crankshaft and Safety Shaft.

I have ordered all the bits I need from Clarke’s Corvair Parts. The table shows part numbers and prices. Also on the list are the things I am going to need from William Wynne. I am having the prop hub made up locally.

I have also managed to acquire a Harley Davidson CV 40 carb and will be making up the inlet manifold for it..

So… while I wait for all the spare parts to arrive I am busy cleaning all the existing parts I intend to re-use.


Push rod tubes and Cylinders repainted