Control Cable Drawings

The following are drawings of the design for the various control wires in the Pietenpol. These are only designs at the moment and have not been installed. Since drawing these up and ordering the fittings I have decided on the AN 100-4 method rather than swaging the ends. My local supplier wanted A$25 to swage each end.

Please note reference to the AN170 being an MS21254 should read MS21255.

detail_A detail_B detail_C detail_D elevator emmpenage rudder aileronstruts The complete Visio Drawing is avalable here.

The Control Cables are now fitted (with the exception of the ailerons).

IMG_0916_JPGEmpenage control lines.

IMG_0918_JPGEmpenage bracing wires

IMG_0917_JPGBellcrank for elevator control lines

IMG_0919_JPGCenter Section Strut Bracing

IMG_0921_JPGOuter wing bracing wires

IMG_0922_JPGPrototype pulley in place

IMG_0978_JPGPilot Seat Engine Controls

IMG_0979_JPGPassenger Seat Engine Controls. Both sets of controls need something to stop the “outers” of the Bowden cables from moving

IMG_0996_JPGI decide to change the controls from the Bowden Cable type to Rod type. Much more precise. (I’ll get a better picture of this)

IMG_0980_JPGRudder Bar Toe brakes

IMG_0981_JPGBrake cable exiting the fuselage.

Note the rust on the undercarriage legs. Just goes to show what salty seaside air can do to 4130 Steel left uncovered. The legs will be blasted and powder coated on final assembly.

IMG_0982_JPGBrake cable with swaged turnbuckle is the adjuster

IMG_0983_JPGBrake cable attached to the brake drum