Engine Cooling

I carried out some taxi tests and found the cylinder head temps and oil temps were a bit high. I installed some extra baffling to sort it out. When everything is OK I’ll make the baffling look better than this!

IMG_0415_JPGStarboard cylinder bank

IMG_0416_JPGPort cylinder bank

IMG_0417_JPGOil cooler. The oil temp is still a bit high with the present prop. I’ll test the new prop before doing much more to the cooling baffles.

Well… I fitted a Warp Drive prop and found a great improvement in performance, however the oil temps were still high and on one particular flight I ended up executing an off field landing. Minor damage to the undercarriage was sustained so it was back to the hangar to re-design the cooling.

I am going to relocate the alternator and the tacho sender to allow more air to flow into the cylinder banks. I will also be relocating the oil cooler from the stock cooler position to a remote location on the bottom of the firewall.

IMG_0491_JPGCleaned up engine with no Alternator, baffles or tacho sender.

IMG_0492_JPGStart of support brackets for new baffles

IMG_0493_JPGMain baffle templates

IMG_0494_JPGTemplates for baffles around the ring gear

IMG_0495_JPGMore ring gear baffle templates, starboard cylinders

IMG_0496_JPGMore ring gear baffle templates, port cylinders

IMG_0499_JPGTemplates for the alternator and tacho sender mounting brackets

IMG_0502_JPGAfter some clearance problems with the tacho sender, I relocated it to the starter motor brackets. Also shows the new alternator bracketIMG_0515_JPGSide baffle plates in place

IMG_0522_JPGPlug leads installed together with starter electrics

IMG_0523_JPGTop covers in place

IMG_0525_JPGFront view showing air inlets.

IMG_0516_JPGI also added a remote oil cooler

IMG_0508_JPGI welded some of Earls fittings to the stock oil cooler adapter to take the cooler hoses

IMG_0517_JPGI have since changed these tube brackets to aluminium angle

IMG_0529_JPGThe completed cooler installation with scoop. The holes at the exhaust system are covered with aluminium plate.

IMG_0510_JPGI also included some louvers on the side of the cowling to help with the warm air extraction

IMG_0535_JPGI still had temps that were on the high side and on the advice of William Wynne dropped the oil cooler into the slip stream.

IMG_0538_JPGI made up some paper templates for the oil cooler cowling

IMG_0542_JPGThe completed cooler installation with cowling

IMG_0544_JPGIt still needs a bit of a tidy up but the results are much better

IMG_0545_JPGThe Pietenpol looking like an Airplane again.