Outer Section

I am laying out the wing upside down and using the center section as a mounting jig. This I hope will keep the wings not only square in itself but also square overall

IMG_0600_JPGThe center section bolted to the wing spars with ribs on top

IMG_0601_JPGThe ribs laid out in position on top of the spars. The spars are bolted to the center section using the wing mounting fittingsIMG_0599_JPGThe front of the ribs still need sanding to take the leading edge

IMG_0598_JPGWhat a lot of wood!!!!

IMG_0606_JPGThe ribs glued in position. You can just make out the drag wire positions. I checked that I had left space between the rib bracings by running yellow string between the braces

IMG_0605_JPGThe first of the wing tips in the jig after gluing the laminates

IMG_0619_JPGWing showing leading and trailing edges in place

IMG_0612_JPGWing tip glued in place

IMG_0611_JPGThe aileron part of the wing with braces and control horn

IMG_0935_JPGThe aileron hinge in place

IMG_0936_JPGThe aileron control horn, pulleys and hinge

IMG_0926_JPGI had some problems with the “D” section. I first made up the whole length of the wing section from scarfe jointed ply. I temporarily nailed the top of the leading edge and placed wet cloth along the leading edge ply. I held the underside in place with rubber bands and tried to glue the ply in place. I found I couldn’t bend the ply enough to form a good fit. I eventually ripped it all off and started again.

IMG_0929_JPGThis time I used smaller sections of ply and bent each piece over a small diameter steel pipe. The ply was soaked in warm water and bent around the pipe. I held it all in place with clamps until it was dry

IMG_0932_JPGI made up some clamps with a cut out the same shape as the leading edge profile. These are held in place with large rubber bands (cut up inner tube). I masked off the area to be glued and varnished the inside of the wing section and ply. When dry I applied glue to the exposed ply and stapled in place on the wing. The clamps held the ply in place while I applied the staples. The blue tape is to make removal of the staples easier. A much better looking job altogether!

IMG_0939_JPGAfter a trip down to my local hardware store, I found these tie down ratchets going cheap. These made the job of holding the ply tightly in place much easier (the wing is upside down) and did not need anywhere near the same amount of staples as the picture above

IMG_0948_JPGOne completed outer section with the other varnished and fittings in place. Ready for the leading edge ply

IMG_0973_JPGBoth installed on the first fitting