IMG_0451_JPGStarted on the undercarriage welding jig

IMG_0459_JPGJust fill in the blanks between the wheels

IMG_0485_JPGThe steel

IMG_0512_JPGThe Axle to Leg Jig

IMG_0520_JPGThe Leg Jig

IMG_0521_JPG IMG_0522_JPGThe fuselage mounting points on the legs

IMG_0523_JPGThe legs fitted in place

IMG_0513_JPGThe “Vee” ready for welding

IMG_0514_JPGThe spring struts. Need to install the rod ends

IMG_0516_JPGThe brake fittings

IMG_0567_JPGThe undercarriage fitted, needs axles, brakes and wheels

IMG_0679_JPGAxles, brakes and wheels

IMG_0680_JPGThe undercarriage fitted with new tyres.

After taxi tests and some early flights I changed my tailwheel setup to a stronger, simpler method. I found the original plans built skid with added tailwheel twisted a lot around the roll axis. I replaced it with a piece of spring steel (from a tralier spring) and bolted it directly to the fuse using the existing mount point.