Engine Mount

I decided to make the engine mount to the same dimensions as shown in the supplementary plans. The main part of the engine mount is the tray. Be accurate with this and everything else should fit together. I made up a jig of steel angle clamped to a table. The steel was cut and fitted in the jig so that I could weld the spools to the main steel tubing. I then turned the pieces over in the jig and welded the cross pieces.

IMG_0489_JPGWelding the spools to the main tubes. Cross pieces in place.

IMG_0491_JPGThe completed tray on the jig

IMG_0490_JPGThe rest of the jig ready for welding

IMG_0497_JPGNow….where do I start?

IMG_0501_JPGFitted to the fuselage

IMG_0503_JPGJust some finishing touches to do

IMG_0506_JPGWelds around one of the spools

IMG_0508_JPGTop mounting point weld held with temporary bolt!