Center Section

I am at present still undecided as to where the fuel tanks are to be situated. I had planned on only one in the fuselage but am now thinking gravity feed from the center section wing tank would be much improved. I will therefore plan on building the center section to take a fuel tank and if I decide later not to install one, I have lost nothing. Maybe gained some baggage space!!

(Later… I am going to use the wing tank as the main fuel supply and use a small header tank in the front of the fuselage to feed the carb).

I assembled all the pieces together to do a trial fit and all was well. I will need to cut the two inner ribs to accommodate the tank. The plans call for only one rib in the center of the front section.

IMG_0580_JPGThe trial fit

IMG_0582_JPGThe leading and trailing edges need some serious shaping

IMG_0589_JPGThe floor being glued in place

IMG_0594_JPGFitted to fuselage with temporary struts

IMG_0940_JPGThe access cutout in place

IMG_0947_JPGLeading edge ply fitted, cut out in place so now all complete