Prior to painting three coats of poly brush thinned 3:1 are applied, the first if a mist coat, the next two are cross coats. The Poly Fibre manual and video are invaluable.

IMG_0256_JPGTail feathers and fuse ready for the spraying of the poly brush

IMG_0262_JPGI made up a temporary spray booth from poly sheeting hung in the workshop

IMG_0265_JPGAn inexpensive compressor and spray gun

IMG_0266_JPGAfter the poly brush comes the poly spray. Again thinned but this time 4:1. This is the start of the second coat

IMG_0282_JPGTwo coats of poly tone follow the poly spray. I masked for the edge colour with what I thought was the correct tape. I did get a little bleed through on the tape where I didn’t press the tape down hard enough. The cheap masking paper I used also let a little paint through. Use the best you can get! I can clean things up though. Photo shows the vertical stabilizer and rudder completed

IMG_0283_JPGHorizontal stabilizer and elevators completed

IMG_0284_JPGCenter section completed

IMG_0286_JPGThe rear of the fuse turning stand

IMG_0287_JPGThe front of the fuse turning stand showing the fuse masked ready for the poly brush, poly spray and poly tone.

IMG_0295_JPGThe front of the fuse …….

IMG_0296_JPG…. and the rear of the fuse now complete.

IMG_0299_JPGStarting to get the peripherals onIMG_0374_JPGIn the Hangar with the wings attached