First part to be built was the stabilizer. I laid out the jig on the table using wooden blocks. The same method as I used in the building of the wing ribs and the fuselage

IMG_0257_JPGThe Main beam and the leading edge shown on the plans are routed. I chose to use two pieces of spruce and glue them together in a “T” section. They will be shaped on completion

IMG_0278_JPGThe gussets were glued on one side and then, after the glue had hardened the stabilizer turned over and gussets glued to the second side. When that was dry I glued the “Ribs” to both sides making a symmetrical airfoil shape

IMG_0274_JPGSanding the leading edge to shape will be completed later.

IMG_0262_JPGEdge of Stabilizer showing taper to the leading edge

IMG_0283_JPGCompleted Stabilizer

IMG_0282_JPGThe elevators were made up in exactly the same fashion

IMG_0293_JPGThe completed rudder and fin

IMG_0294_JPGand stabilizer and elevators

IMG_0449_JPGWorking out the hinges using eye bolts

IMG_0482_JPGThe hinges and control horns fitted

IMG_0478_JPGDetail of one elevator hinge

IMG_0487_JPGThe completed tail feathers and tail wheel in place on the fuselage