Build Log

Date Work
16th May 2000 Order original plans from Donald Pietenpol
12th March 2001 Order UK plan set from Jim Wills.
May 2002 Make up parts and material list
14th June 2002 Order William Wynne’s manual
20th June 2002 Order spruce for wing ribs from ASandS.
July/August 2002 Build wing rib jig
11th Sept 2002 Spruce arrives
15th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 1
16th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 2
17th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 3
20th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 4
21st September 2002 Built wing rib No. 5
22nd September 2002 Built wing rib No. 6
23rd September 2002 Built wing rib No. 7
24th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 8
28th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 9 & No. 10
29th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 11
30th September 2002 Built wing rib No. 12
1st October 2002 Built wing rib No. 13
2nd October 2002 Built wing rib No. 14
3rd October 2002 Built wing rib No. 15 (end rib)
4th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 16 (end rib)
5th October 2002 Built Aileron ends (2 Nos.)
6th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 17 (Aileron rib)
7th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 18 (Aileron rib)
8th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 19
9th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 20
11th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 21
12th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 22 & No. 23
13th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 24
14th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 25
15th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 26
16th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 27
17th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 28
20th October 2002 Built wing rib No. 29 (Butt Rib)
21st October 2002 Built wing rib No. 30 (Butt Rib)
22nd October 2002 Built wing rib No. 31 (Butt Rib)
23rd October 2002 Built wing rib No. 32 (Butt Rib)
Oct/Nov 2002 Design Prop
29th October 2002 Received William Wynne’s Corvair manual.
14th November 2002 Purchase wood for propeller
16th November 2002 Laminate IROKO for prop blank
20th November 2002 Start to Carve prop blank
25th November 2002 Complete first Carving of prop blank
January/February 2003 Rearrange workshop for building
8th February 2003 Order two Corvair engines from Larry’s Corvair parts.
7th June 2003 Order Spruce from AS&S
20th May 2003 Engines arrive (Ship one to QLD)
22nd May 2003 Strip engine to Determine spares needed.
23rd May 2003 Make up parts list
24th May 2003 Take cylinders to “South Gippsland Engine Recon” to check whether bores and heads are suitable.
25th May 2003 Bores and heads are OK. Order new head studs from “Clarke’s Corvair Parts”.
2nd June 2003 Head studs fitted to crankcase halves
12th June 2003 Order remaining parts from Clarke’s and Corvair Underground.
14th June 2003 Pick up flex plate, starter motor and alternator from “Wonthaggi Wreckers” for engine.
20th June 2003 Pick up completed Safety Shaft
June/July 2003 Cleaned up engine parts, painted push rod tubes, cylinder bores, rocker covers, starter motor and cowling.
3rd July 2003 Ordered Dual distributor from William Wynne.
10th July 2003 Distributor arrived, painted to match starter motor.
26th July 2003 Ordered HD CV40 Carburetor from eBay
1st August 2003 Carburetor arrived.
22nd July 2003 Order aluminum for hubs
28th July 2003 Spruce arrived from AS&S.
29th July 2003 Spruce sorted and stored.
30th July 2003 Cut spruce for left side of fuselage
31st July 2003 Cut spruce for right side of fuselage
3rd August 2003 Glue up left side longeron and braces.
4th August 2003 Glue up right side longeron and braces.
7th August 2003 Order plywood for gusset’s etc
22nd August 2003 Plywood arrived from DMK Forest Products.
27th August 2003 Glue gusset’s to left outside fuse sides
28th August 2003 Glue gusset’s to right outside and left inside fuse sides
29th August 2003 Glue gusset’s to right inside fuse sides
30th August 2003 Jig up for the joining of the fuse sides.
31st August 2003 Continue jigging up for the joining of the fuse sides.
1st September 2003 Glue seat backs to fuse sides, glue up front stiffener, rear braces and tail post.
2nd September 2003 Glue bottom braces and bottom of rear seat panel.
2nd September 2003 Purchased 1/8 inch and 7/32 inch marine plywood from Brims and Marine Timbers.
3rd September 2003 Glue floor and bottom gussets
4th September 2003 Glue bottom cross braces, bottom of front seat back, rear stiffener braces and top brace on rear seat back.
5th September 2003 Glued top gussets on rear of fuse, seat bottoms and fronts, rear of rear seat (helmet box floor). Glued rear stiffener.
6th September 2003 Glued front seat and rear seat front. Working on turtle deck.
7th September 2003 Glued rear seat bottom. Still working on turtle deck.
8th September 2003 Fitted and glued Ash seat belt stiffeners, reinforced front and rear seats.
9th September 2003 Picked up engine parts from Tullamarine
10th September 2003 Cut out sides. Cutout seat belt reinforcing. Redesigned turtle deck supports.
11th September 2003 Glued seat belt reinforcing and rear torque tube mount. Glued second turtle deck support (side 1).
12th September 2003 Glued second turtle deck support (side 2) and third turtle deck support (side 1). Glued front torque tube mounting block (not fitted). Sanded sides.
13th September 2003 Cut turtle deck stringers and helmet box parts. Replaced exhaust stub in cylinder head.
14th September 2003 Cutout door in helmet box
15th September 2003 Sort wood for empennage
17th September 2003 Glue “T” on main beam
18th September 2003 Glue “T” on leading edge, helmet box front & back, turtle deck support No. 3, ply to turtle deck supports and helmet box base. Cut and set out stabilizer.
19th September 2003 Glued stabilizer, 1st side gussets
20th September 2003 Glued second side of stabilizer
21st September 2003 Glued ribs to both sides of stabilizer
22nd September 2003 Glued turtle deck and rear rudder gussets. Glued rear helmet box. Order steel for control system and fuse/wing mountings.
23rd September 2003 Cut and glued TE, LE and main beam for tail group.
24th September 2003 Made elevator No. 1, glue first side gussets.
25th September 2003 Made elevator No 2, glued first side gussets and second side elevator gussets.
26th September 2003 Cut rudder. Purchase more 1/16th and 1/8th ply from Marine Ply. Picked up prop hub from Steve. Still need crush plate.
27th September 2003 Glued rudder and tail fin. Glued ribs to elevators.
28th September 2003 Glued up fin and rudder gussets & ribs. Cut out firewall and front seat back.
29th September 2003 Sanded rudder and fin. Tried some welding.
30th September 2003 Re-glued rudder ribs in the correct position. Picked up crush plates and delivered engine bits to Ross.
2nd October 2003 Sorted out laser cutting ideas.
3rd October 2003 Cut out cowl supports and cockpit panels. Cut out center strut support bracken slots in fuse.
4th October 2003 Glued rear of front seat back (strengthening piece). Welded up front control column.
5th October 2003 Glued cowling and cockpit panels. Welded rear control column and rudder bar.
6th October 2003 Drawing metal fittings on Visio for Laser cutting
7th October 2003 Drawing metal fittings on Visio for Laser cutting. Cut edges for tail section and spacers for cowl support
8th October 2003 Completed preliminary drawings of metal fittings.
9th October 2003 Glued tail section edges and cowl support strengthening (rear pit only)
10th October 2003 Welded front rudder pedals. Made rudder strap.
11th October 2003 Checked drawings. Completed examination, corrections still to do.
12th October 2003 Visit from Mike Green. Glued front cockpit strengtheners.
13th October 2003 Tried finding hardware in Moorabbin. Not easy.
14th October 2003 Re-drawing metal fitting drawings.
15th October 2003 Re-drawing metal fitting drawings.
16th October 2003 Re-drawing metal fitting drawings.
17th – 19th October 2003. Temora Fly-in
20th October 2003 Drawings ready to send. Requested quote for steel from AP&E. Sanded fuse sides.
21st October 2003 Re-design control column to take account of large diameter end bearing. Ordered hardware from AS&S and crankcase cover from WW. Bought end bearings for bell crank.
22nd October 2003 Shopping again for steel.
23rd October 2003 Re-designed control columns again
24th October 2003 Glued front turtle deck cover and elevator bell crank mountings.
25th October 2003 Check out wood for wing spars. Visit from Ric
26th October 2003 Glued reinforcing on bell crank mountings
27th October 2003 Reinforced seat bottoms. Cut holes in Torque tube for pulleys.
28th October 2003 Re-draw metal fitting drawings for new sizes of steel.
31st October 2003 Delivered steel and drawings to Laser3D.
2nd November 2003 Fitting tube ends to elevator torque tube. Finished cutting the holes for the pulleys in the Aileron torque tube.
3rd November 2003 Started to redo the control system
5th November 2003 Still doing the control systems
6th November 2003 Purchase more steel for the control system (redo)
7th November 2003 Welded the elevator bell crank and fitted to fuse.
12th November 2003 Picked up steel from Laser3D. Excellent job!!
13th November 2003 Welded aileron control horn. Finished torque tube. Working on control tubes for elevators.
14th November 2003 Sorted steel into piles. Found two pieces missing. Will have to make by hand. made up the rudder pedals and brakes. With the pieces laser cut it was almost like building a Meccanno model.
15th November 2003 Bent steel for rudder mount. Tried organising Laser cutting for the missing pieces.
18th November 2003 Glued the rear seat bottom sides and the front cowl support reinforcing. Cut cardboard templates for the top and cockpit cowling.
19th November 2003 Draw up the fuel tank and work out ASandS fuel filler spout and outlet flange.
1st December 2003 Picked up cylinder heads and crankshaft. Ross getting distortion in the cylinder barrel when honing.
2nd December 2003 Welded the rudder pedals and toe brakes. All left now is to bolt everything in place.
21st – 30th November 2003 4WD trip to the Victorian Alps.
4th December 2003 Bolted all control systems in place with the hardware I had. Ordered additional items from ASandS. Looks good. Removed everything again to glue the sides.
5th December 2003 Sanded sides of fuse to take the ply sides. Glued the reinforcing for the swing arm on the back of the rear seat.
6th December 2003 Glued the left side to the fuse.
7th december 2003 Glued the right side to fuse.
8th December 2003 Glued the elevator horn control rod guide under the rear seat.
9th December 2003 Sanded the elevator horn control rod guide, now complete.
10th December 2003 Started fixing of the side stringer. Glued the top guides in place on the left hand side of the fuse. Trying to organise welding of the fuel tank. Looks like the Xmas closed down starts early!!!
11th December 2003 Glued left hand side stringer in place. Drilled holes of mounting bolts for engine mount and cabane strut fittings on the left hand side.
12th December 2003 Glued top guides for the right hand side stringer. Drilled holes for the bolts for engine mount and cabane strut fittings on the right hand side of the fuselage.
13th December 2003 Glued reinforcing for bottom engine mounts. Seems I made the bottom gussets too small for the size of the mount bracket. Tack welded the motor mount compression strut. Sat in the fuselage for the first time. Feels good, not cramped at all.
14th December 2003 Finished welding compression strut. Primer coat sprayed on control system parts and motor mount fittings
15th December 2003 Fitted engine mount fittings to fuselage. Bent undercarriage fittings ready for welding.
16th December 2003 Welded rear undercarriage parts together. One warped slightly. I may have to redo.
17th December 2003 Took Alastair and his mate Steve for a fly to celebrate 100 years of flight.
18th December 2003 Sanded tail feathers to shape.
19th December 2003 Continued sanding tail feathers.
20th December 2003 Prepared and primed tail feather fittings.
21st December 2003 Glued ply reinforcing for stabilizor and fin mounts on to fuselage.
6th January 2004 Bolted drag wire fittings to emmpenage.
7th January 2004 Sorted wood for wing spars.
8th January 2004 Built scarfing tool. This will allow scarfing of the plywood for the wing spars.
9th January 2004 Practice scarfe joint on 1/8th inch ply. Cut ply for one spar (front) ready for scarfing.
10th January 2004 Scarfed first four pieces of ply. Made up jig for front spar.
11th January 2004 Glued one cap strip of front spar.
12th January 2004 Glued second cap strip for front spar. Cut ply for the center section and second front spar.
13th January 2004 Scarfed and glued ply for second front spar.
14th January 2004 Glued first beam to second front spar. Glued first beam to front center section.
15th January 2004 Glued second beam to second front spar.
16th January 2004 Glued second beam to front center section. Cut ply for remaining spars.
17th Janaury 2004 Glued up one beam of the rear center section. Glued ply for one rear spar.
18th January 2004 Glued second beam to complete rear center section. Glued remaing ply for second rear spar.
19th January 2004 Glued one beam for first rear spar. Measured cowling ply for center struct fitting.Visit Ross regarding engine bits. Cylinders maybe ready this week.
20th January 2004 Glued second beam in first rear spar. Found two 19 inch steel motorcycle wheels with brakes and the address of a wheel rebuilder in Melbourne. Chasing more steel tubing for the hubs.
21st January 2004 Glued first beam in the last rear spar. Took some more steel to JRLaser for cutting.
22nd January 2004 Glued the second beam of the last rear spar. Only the blocking of the spars need to be carried out.
23rd Janaury 2004 Cut out all the blocking timber for the spars. Organised order for steel tubing for engine mount and undercarriage.
24th January 2004 Cut out all the blocking and ply for the rib positions and the blocked areas of the spars.
25th January 2004 Glued blocking for center sections.
26th January 2004 Glued blocking for first wing spar.
27th January 2004 Glued blocking for second wing spar.
28th January 2004 Glued blocking for third wing spar.
29th January 2004 Glued blocking for final wing spar.
30th January 2004 Glued cockpit cowling ply to fuse.
31st January 2004 Made side step ready for fitting, planed spar blocks ready for ply strengtheners. Started undercarriage welding jig.
1st February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to first spar.
2nd February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to second spar.
3rd February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to third spar.
4th February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to final spar. Glued side step to fuse. Glue reinforcing to firewall top. Picked up last bits of Laser cutting.
5th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar no. 1. Welded rudder and elevator horn attach brackets.
6th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar No.2. Fitted hinges to tail feathers. Fitted Tailwheel mount.
7th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar No. 3. Fitted horns to rudder and elevators.
8th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar No. 4. Ran temporary control cables to rudder and elevators. Some clearance problems but solvable.
9th February 2004 Glued ply front to center section spars.
10th February 2004 Sanded and cleaned up all spars. Disassembled Elevator and rudder horns for painting.
11th February 2004 Glued horn fitting reinforcement. Ordered axles etc from ASandS. Picked up steel for Under carriage and engine mounting.
12th February 2004 Cut the front spar set to length. Picked up engine bits. One cylinder has a crack in the skirt so ordered another from Clarks.
13th February 2004 Cut the rear spar set to length. Bent the spar fittings. Ordered some bushing from ASandS for the spar straps.
14th February 2004 Cut steel for the tail wheel.
15th February 2004 Welded and fitted tail wheel.
16th February 2004 Made up the jig for the engine mount tray
17th February 2004 Welded engine mount tray. Cut the rest of the engine mount jig ready to weld.
18th February 2004 Welded engine mount jig.
20th – 23rd February 2004 4WD trip to Wonangatta.
24th February 2004 Cut tubing for engine mount. Started welding.
25th February 2004 Still welding engine mount.
26th February 2004 Finished welding the engine mount. A couple of finishing touches to do.
27th February 2004 Finished welding the engine mount. Undercoated.
28th February 2004 Fitted out U/C jig and cut steel tubing to size.
29th February 2004 Welded spring shock struts.
1st March 2004 Welded Bushing to gear leg fittings. Cut slots in Legs to take the bushings. Designed brake and axle fitting.
2nd March 2004 Arranged wheel rebuild.
3rd March 2004 Fitted and Tack welded port legs in jig.
4th March 2004 Fitted and Tack welded starboard legs in jig.
5th March 2004 Fitted and welded cabane vee in jig.
6th March 2004 Welded port leg with reinforcing straps at the fuse fitting end.
7th March 2004 Welded starboard leg with reinforcing straps at the fuse fitting end.
8th March 2004 Fitted legs and vee to fuse. Need axles to complete.
9th March 2004 New cylinders arrived from Clarkes. Cleaned the gaps in the cylinders and painted black. Ready for the rebuild.
10th March 2004 Took the cylinders to rebuilder. He will fit the pistons and rings.
11th March 2004 Cut the steel for the axle extensions. Picked up some hardware for the U/C fittings.
12th March 2004 Picked up the cylinders with pistons installed. All ready to start the rebuild now.Welded the plugs into the spring shock struts. Already to mount (need painting).
13th March 2004 Fitted and tack welded the axle extensions to the Undercarriage legs.
14th March 2004 Organised the engine stand and repainted the cylinder studs.
15th March 2004 Tack welded axle webs to undercarriage legs. Now waiting for axles and wheels to be delivered from Wheel Builder.
16th March 2004 Finish welded the axle extensions to the legs.
17th March 2004 Fitted the rod end bearings to the U/C legs. The Cabane vee will need rod end bearings instead of the tube ends. Angle is all wrong.
18th March 2004 Made a steel template for the wing spar end drilling. Drilled one end of one of the rear spars. All seems OK.
30th March 2004 Glued in the aileron pulley bracket supports in the rear wing spar. Organised two new plugs for the cabane vee and ordered two new rod end bearings for the fuse to vee ends.
31st March 2004 Drilled holes in rear spar for mounting fittings. Filled holes with phenolic rod as bushing.
1st April 2004 Drilled holes in front and center section spars for mounting fittings. Filled holes with phenolic rod as bushing.
2nd April 2004 Re-drilled all the holes in the phenolic rod spar bushings.
4th April 2004 Sorted timber for center section.
5th April 2004 Rough assembly of the center section. Need to shape leading and trailing edges and shape all the ribs to same size.
14th April 2004 Fitted rod end bearings to fuse/cabane vee on under carriage. Much better.
15th April 2004 Cleaned and shaped ribs to fit spars.
16th April 2004 Cleaned and shaped ribs to fit spars.
17th April 2004 Trial fit of all center section and outer spars for wing attach fittings. Ready to start glue in the center section.
18th April 2004 Glued ribs to center section spars.
19th April 2004 Glued reinforcing braces to center section.
20th April 2004 Glued floor of center section in place.
21st April 2004 Shaped and glued Trailing edge to center section.
22nd April 2004 Shaped and glued Leading edge to center section. Fitted top ply strengtheners.
23rd April 2004 Started laying out port wing.
24th April 2004 Layed out center section and fixed spars to it. Glued in transportation fittings and wing root fitting spacers.
25th April 2004 Drilled holes for transportation fittings and sanded spacers.
26th April 2004 Fitted ribs to spars. Cut timber for all fittings. Started trammelling the wing.
27th April 2004 Continued trammelling the spars. Checked and checked so many times!!!!!!Glued up the laminates for the first wing tip.
28th April 2004 Bit the bullet and glued the ribs to the port spars. I think that was worse that gluing the fuselage! Also glued up the second wing tip.
29th April 2004 Glued on leading and trailing edges.
30th April 2004 Shaped aileron spars. Found some hangarage I think!!
1st May 2004 Cut leading and trailing edges to shape.
2nd May 2004 Glued leading and trailing edges in place.
3rd May 2004 Shaped trailing and leading edges in situ.
4th May 2004 Fitted and glued wing/aileron gap spar to wing.
5th May 2004 Fitted and glued aileron main and center spars. Welded aileron control horns. Bent steel for aileron hinges.
6th May 2004 Glued on wing tip and fitted/glued some bracing to the wing.
7th May 2004 More bracing added. Filled in the gaps on the bottom of the front spar ready for the ply covering.
10th May 2004 Turned wing over and glued in aileron braces and compression strut reinforcing. Sanded and shaped the wing tip areas. Ready to start starboard outer wing.
12th May 2004 Welded up some temporary axle fittings and fitted some spare motorcycle wheels. Moved the fuselage outside so I could move the port wing into the house for temp storage.
13th May 2004 Glued in reinforcing blocks for jury struts and transportation fittings in the starboard wing spars.
14th May 2004 Drilled holes for jury strut fittings etc. Fitted ribs to spars. Trammeling finished. Ready to glue ribs. Quicker the second time round!
15th May 2004 Glued ribs to spars.
16th May 2004 Started Engine rebuild. Setup engine on stand, fitted crank and camshaft. Torqued to 50lbs.
17th May 2004 Glued leading and trailing edges, compression struts inside wing.
18th May 2004 Glued in Aileron center and rear spars. Installed right-hand bank of cylinders and cylinder head on the engine.
19th May 2004 Glued in aileron front spar. Installed left-hand of cylinders and cylinder heads on the engine.
20th May 2004 Glued on trailing edge gussets and some cross braces.
21st May 2004 Glued on the rest of the cross braces and the wing tip. Filled in the gaps on the bottom of the front spar ready for the ply covering.
22nd May 2004 Shaped trailing and leading edges in situ. Both wings now ready for final ply box front.Trial fit of bellhousing and rear housing on the engine to check if I had all the correct nuts and bolts. Painted ring gear and pulley.
24th May 2004 Picked up some new socket headed bolts for the engine. More hardware for the wing.
25th May 2004 Fitted new hardware to one wing section.
26th May 2004 Torqued Rod bolts and installed valve train. The long block of the engine is now mostly complete. Need to sort out starter and alternator mountings etc.
27th May 2004 Installed front and rear housings, oil filter adapter. Started design of starter motor and alternator mounting.
28th May 2004 Fitted hardware to second wing. Glued in wood spacings on aileron and leading edge.
29th May 2004 Made up some brackets for the alternator and starter motor. They will be the patterns for the new brackets.
30th May 2004 Fitted oil pan. Used a lot of gasket goo… Modified starter motor bracket.
1st June 2004 Modified and painted engine stand. This will allow me to work on the motor in its correct orientation. Bought some steel tubing bends to make pattern for inlet manifold.
2nd June 2004 Spent a few days designing and building the patterns for the starter motor and alternator mounts.
10th June 2004 Finished the patterns for the starter/alternator mounts.
16th June 2004 Working on the inlet manifold.
17th June 2004 Made up a pattern from old waste pipe to work out where the inlet manifold will go.
20th June 2004 Took pattern to tube bender to have the inlet manifold made up in aluminum.
21st June 2004 Picked up wheels. Look good but need sand blasting and powder coating. Ordered tyres.
22nd June 2004 Made starter motor mount out of 4130.
23rd June 2004 Made alternator mount out of 4130. Fitted tyres on the wheels. I will need to remove again for powder coating but need tyres to get the Undercarriage geometry correct.
24th June 2004 Fitted brake fittings to axle. Reinstalled alternator and starter mounts after painting.
28th June 2004 Tube bender came back with a quote for AUD600.00. Will be ready next week.
30th June 2004 Worked out control cable fitting list. Drew up the Visio drawings of each fitting. Need quote from Aircraft Spruce and Aircraft Props in Moorabin.
2nd July 2004 In search of an airstrip again.
3rd July 2004 Found an air strip. Check out photos on page 7 for the proposed landing field. I can get a small hanger on and invite a couple of mates.
10th July 2004 Fitted axles to u/c legs. A little trimming on the spring attachment needs to be done.
12th July 2004 Tested a glue sample with varnished/non varnished ply samples.
14th July 2004 Installed engine on engine mount fitted to the fuselage. Looks OK. Inlet manifold should be finished Friday.
20th July 2004 Leaving for a few weeks in the warm. Hope to visit Arthur’s Piet in Townsville.
10th August 2004 Back from our trip up North. Still wet and cold in Wonthaggi. Will be fitting the ply leading edge to the wings this week.
20th August 2004 Been asembling the inlet manifold. Cut steel and tack welded engine test stand.
21st August 2004 Finish welded the engine stand. Dis-assembled the tail feathers for varnishing.
28th August 2004 Prepping undercarriage legs for powdercoating.
29th August 2004 Continuing prepping undercarriage legs for powdercoating.
30th August 2004 Cut out instrument mount for cockpit.
1st September 2004 Cut out port side ply filler strips for fuselage.
2nd Septermber 2004 Glued port side ply filler strips to fuselage and cut out starboard side ply filler strips for fuselage.
3rd September 2004 Glued starboard side ply filler strips to fuselage.
4th September 2004 Cut some spring steel for the tailwheel. Still not really happy!
6th September 2004 Turned the fuse over and started fitting the bottom stringer. This should hide the nuts/bolts from view under the fabric.
7th September 2004 Picked up the John Deere alternator.
8th September 2004 Ordered all the control system fittings, ignition parts and instruments. (Big spend)
10th September 2004 Fitted the new John Deere alternator. Much better profile. This will allow me to fit the "ears" properly and get efficient cooling on both banks of cylinders. The Nippon unit blocked air flow over one bank near completely.
12th September 2004 Re arranged the tailwheel by including a piece of spring steel. Angle relative to the fuselage is now much better.
14th September 2004 Glued a stringer along the bottom of the fuselage to allow all the nut and bolt heads to be hidden under the fabric.
15th September 2004 Re assembled all under carriage parts so fuselage is now back on its wheels.
17th September 2004 Received the tachometer. Working out how to install sender to count flywheel teeth.
18th September 2004 Drafted out new mounting bracket for alternator and tacho sender. Using aluminum plate on both sides of flywheel. Borrowed WW’s idea re JD alternator mount.
20th September 2004 Drafted design for engine hoist. I always seem to be waiting for somebody to come to visit before I can shift the engine around the workshop!
21st September 2004 Cut out alternator and sender mounts. Need some spacers for the alternator side. Looks good.
22nd September 2004 Purchased engine/chain hoist and ordered steel for engine crane.
23rd September 2004 Enjoyable day spent visiting another builder on Flinders Island, Tasmania.
24th September 2004 Picked up the steel for the engine crane. Tack welded everything together. Will get some wheels tomorrow and finish the welding.
25th September 2004 Welded up the engine crane.
26th September 2004 Tried moving the engine with the crane. Crane and engine stand need a little modification before I can use.
27th September 2004 Modified engine stand and crane. Shifted engine to engine test stand.
28th September 2004 Fitted tacho sender and alternator brackets. Need some bolts for center fittings.
30th September 2004 Picked up additional bends for inlet manifold. Checked out manifold pattern on the engine. Tried fitting new exhaust bends but not enough space between the firewall and exhaust logs. I’ll go with straight pipes.
1st October 2004 Cut aluminum bends for manifold. Fixed together temporarily and took to Adrian for welding. Fitted center fitting bolts for alternator/tacho sender brackets.
2nd October 2004 Glued up veneer for cockpit panel. Shaped prop for narrower neck and to lose weight. Shaped tips to a sharper point. Looks much better.
8th October 2004 Made up drawing for exhaust system. Logs are to be removed as space is a little tight at the back of the engine.
10th October 2004 Fitted inlet manifold and carburettor. Carb needs some fixing at the front. Will probably bolt the air box to the sump pan bolts.
12th October 2004 Fitted spark plug leads. Ordered flared tubing for exhaust stubs.
13th October 2004 Modified cockpit panels to fit with instruments installed.
14th October 2004 Instruments and Control fittings arrived from ASandS. Sorted out delivery. Checked fitting of oil pressure, oil temp and CHT senders. Need something for oil press and oil temp.
19th October 2004 Started fitting control cables. Rudder complete, one elevator complete. Need the back ordered bits from ASand S. Started making the center struts. Fitted control quadrants.
23rd October 2004 Flared the tubes for the exhaust stubs. Made the flanges to hold the exhaust stubs to the cylinder head.
24th October 2004 Started construction of the port exhaust system.
25th October 2004 Finished the welding on the port exhaust system.
26th October 2004 Started construction of the starboard exhaust system.
27th October 2004 Finished the welding on the Starboard exhaust system.
28th October 2004 Had the alternator mounting bracket welded to accomadate the two oil senders (pressure and temperature).
29th October 2004 Refitted the alternator mounting bracket. Fitted the plug leads, coils etc.
30th October 2004 Fitted the engine instruments in the engine test stand.
2nd November 2004 Started construction of the cooling "Ears".
3rd November 2004 Still on the "Ears".
4th November 2004 Still on the "Ears".
5th November 2004 Finished the "Ears". Carb heat box will be next.
7th November 2004 Made up a template for the center section fuel tank side.
19th – 30th November 2004 Trip to the Victoria Alps again, beatuiful!!
3rd December 2004 Making pulley’s for control system. Not very good. May do a re-design.
6th December 2004 Balancing the prop ready for engine start. Needs a lot of work!
8th December 2004 Still balancing the prop.
10th December 2004 Drilled all the holes for the prop hub mounting in the prop.
11th December 2004 Fitted the prop. Found I need some longer bolts.
13th December 2004 Started wiring up the engine and instruments. Need the switches and CBs from ASandS. I also need to modify the cooling ears so as to gain easy access to the distributor.
14th December 2004 Cranked the engine over for the first time. No ignition connected. Hard going with the present battery. Removed the spark plugs and it spun up really well. Probably needs the oil circulating a lot more than it is.
16th December 2004 Fitted the prop with the correct size bolts. Continued wiring and started the test stand fuel tank.
21st December 2004 Everything ready for first run. Tried but could not find a spark.
22nd December 2004 Sparked up OK but found the Oil pressure regulator spring in reversed. Corrected and engine ran for the first time.
23rd December 2004 Engine run up to 1700 rpm. Oil Pressure 50psi, temp and cht just starting to climb. Looks like a oil leak around a push rod tube. I’ll clean the engine down and have a closer look.
3rd January 2005 Had the engine running again. Still needs priming every start. Small oil leak is around the oil pan gasket at the engine mounting bolt cut outs. Runs a bit rich. I need a trailer or something to ease moving the test stand around.
6th January 2005 Removed the cooling ears and modified then to allow them to be removed without dis-assembly of the starter motor bracket.
8th January 2005 Rewired the engine test stand, I removed the alternator switch and made the master switch the ignition switch. I have a push start button now.
10th January 2005 Purchased some steel and wheels for the engine test stand. Also found some cable shackles for the control system.
11th January 2005 Installed the cable shackles on the elevator, rudder and tail wheel control cables.
12th January 2005 Welded the additional steel to the engine test stand. Fitted the wheels. I can now move it around easily and should be good to do a decent engine run.
13th January 2005 Built a re-designed pulley for the control system. Much better than the original.
14th January 2005 Carried out two engine runs today. Ran for around 5 to 7 mins each. RPM to 2000, oil pressure 50psi, temp about 130-140. I think I will try a different carb. Maybe I can get the ignition tuned and then concentrate on the carburation.
15th January 2005 Fitted the bracing wires to the emmpenage, cross bracing to the center section and finished the rudder cables etc. Certainly tightens everything up.
17th January 2005 Fitted the barcing wires to the outer wing section (Port side).
18th January 2005 Made up an ally choke for the HD CV40. Now needs a control cable.
20th January 2005 Fitted additional pulleys to the rudder and tail wheel control cables.
21st January 2005 Welded up the hinges for the port side aileron. Fitted hinges and aileron control lever.
22nd January 2005 Assembled all the pulleys (6) for the aileron control cables. Cut out the port aileron from the wing section. All works well. Welded up part of the quick connect system.
24th January 2005 Cut ply for the leading edge of the port outer wing section. Scarfe jointed to make one length.
26th January 2005 Masked up the glue lines on the leading edge ply and wing section. Painted fittings that will not be accessable when LE covered.
27th January 2005 Covered leading edge bendline with wet cloths to bend ply.
28th January 2005 Decided to glue only the top on the leading edge first. I’ll leave the bottom until the top is set.
30th January 2005 Tried to glue the bottom LE ply. The ply did not want to bend properly…. I pulled the whole thing off and will start again. Not a great day….
31st January 2005 Bought a couple of Tillotson carbies from Ebay. I’ll try in place of the CV40.
1st February 2005 Cut another small piece of ply. Masked and varnished as before.
2nd February 2005 Bent the ply over a steel tube former with plenty of water. Clamped up and left to dry.
4th February 2005 Glued the ply to the leading edge. Better than the first time but still not happy with it.
7th February 2005 Made the intake hole in the choke slide larger. I’ll have to start the carb heat box before I can fit.
9th February 2005 Came up with a new idea for the leading edge ply. Cut some template/clamps the same as the leading edge.
10th February 2005 Varnished the new ply leading edge. (A small piece for a trial fit). Disassembled the tail feathers and varnished all the pieces.
11th February 2005 Bent the ply around a smaller former. When dry fitted on to the leading edge using the new clamps. Looks good. Will let it settle a while before I glue.
14th February 2005 Glued the first section of leading edge ply. Stapled and clamped in place. Much better!
15th February 2005 Cut and varnished piece no 2. Varnished some more of the fuse.
16th February 2005 Bent piece No 2. Cleaned up the staples in the first section.
17th February 2005 Glued the second section of leading edge ply. Stapled and clamped in place. Not quite such a good fit. Need some better clamping.
18th February 2005 Cut and varnished piece no 3. Varnished some more of the fuse.
21st February 2005 Bought some ratchet band clamps. Glued the third section of leading edge ply. Stapled and clamped in place. Much better than all the rest. Perhaps we have got it right this time.
22nd February 2005 Cut out, varnished and bent the last piece of the port leading edge ply. Clamped into positon ready for glueing.
23rd February 2005 Glued the last piece of leading edge ply on the port wing in place.
24th February 2005 Cut out root rib reinforcement ply for top and bottom of port wing. Masked and varnished them ready for gluing.
25th February 2005 Varnished the port wing. Made up the metal work for the new inlet manifold.
26th February 2005 Glued top root rib ply in place..
28th February 2005 Took design and template for wing and front fuel tanks to machine shop for manufacture. Ordered additional fittings.
1st March 2005 Glued bottom root rib ply in place. Cut ply for trailing edge.
2nd March 2005 Fitted all metal work, reconnected all bracing wires to the wing.
3rd March 2005 Started cutting out the center section flop reinforcing ply and root rib ply.
4th March 2005 Glued the center section flop ply in place. Glued trailing edge ply.
5th March 2005 Glued the brace spruce in the center section flop area ready for the ply on the inside of the flop. Glued in the spacer ply on the center section strut fittings.
6th March 2005 Glued the inside flop ply in place. Center section now needs varnishing and the leading edge ply fitted.
8th March 2005 Cutout leading edge ply for center section.
9th March 2005 Varnished center section and leading edge ply.
10th March 2005 Bending the center section ply.
11th March 2005 Glued the leading edge ply to the center section.
12th March 2005 Sanded the center section and varnished the leading edge. Center section now finished. Waiting for fuel tank etc.
13th March 2005 Painted all the fittings for the starboard wing ready for installation.
14th March 2005 Varnished the top of the wing. Masked off the areas of the leading edge ply and root rib ply reinforcement.
15th March 2005 Fitted the steel wing fittings.
17th March 2005 Welded up the aileron hinges and aileron quick connect fillings ready for installation.
19th March 2005 Test fitted all the hinges. Cut away the aileron from the wing.
20th March 2005 Cleaned up the aileron and final fitted the hinges.
21st March 2005 Fitted all the bracing wires in the starboard wing
23rd March 2005 Cut and flared some new exhaust stubs. These are 1 1/2 inch instead of the 1 1/4 inch as fitted. The 1 1/4 inch don’t fit over the cyclinder head stub very well. I’ll have to re-weld the manifold.
25th March 2005 Tapped and fitted 1/8th inch NPT fittings to cylinder heads for primer.
26th – 29th March 2005 Narromine Fly-in.
2nd April 2005 Cut ply for leading edge, root rib reinforcment and trailing edge for the starboard wing. Varnished the bottom of the wing and insides of leading edge.
4th April 2005 Bent up one section of the leading edge.
5th April 2005 Glued in one section of the leading edge.
6th April 2005 Bent up second section of the leading edge. Design of brake cable run.
7th April 2005 Made up brake cable fittings. Need the cables swaged to the fittings.
8th April 2005 Had the brake cable fittings swaged to the cables.
9th April 2005 Made new fittings for the brake cable. Tapped the holes for the bolts in the aileron control levers.
10th April 2005 Glued the second piece of leading edge ply, the top root rib bay ply and the trailing edge ply in place. Glued the brake cable guides in the fuselage floor.
11th April 2005 Bent the third piece of leading edge ply. Fitted Brake cables in place. Need to weld fittings to undercarriage legs.
12th April 2005 Glued the third piece of leading edge ply. Bent the last piece.
14th April 2005 Glued the last piece of leading edge ply. Glued the underside root rib bay ply in place.
16th April 2005 Sanded all the leading edge and root rib bay ply. All it needs now is some varnish.
20th April 2005 Moved the engine from the test stand to the fuselage. Needed to fit out the engine controls and fuel system.
21st April 2005 Picked up the header tank. Made up the woodwork to fit in the front cockpit bay.
22nd April 2005 Removed the old exhaust stack. Cut off the old stubs. Made new (larger diameter) stubs. Need some new 2 in steel tube.
23rd April 2005 Re-fitted the rudder control cables. Cut the nut plates for the undercarriage hardwood joints.
24th April 2005 Picked up the main fuel tank. Trial fitted and looks good. I decided to go with the Stearman type fuel guage. Save some instrument space in the cockpit.
25th April 2005 Still undecided on the engine controls. I bought some bowden cable but does not look too good. I think I’ll try the control rods.
27th April 2005 Worked out a method of installing the bowden control cables. Installed them temporarily, Looks good. I actually checked BHP’s plans and they ended up the same!
28th April 2005 Need to make up some brackets to hold the outers of the bowden cable more accurately, but happy with the result.
29th April 2005 Stripped all the instruments from the engine test stand ready for installation in the cockpit.
1st May 2005 Fitted the wings to the fuselage for the first time. Nice fit! Measured the strut lengths and they are the same both sides. Just as well!!
3rd May 2005 Re-fitted the instruments in the cockpit panel. Found I couldn’t reach some of the mounting screws. Will need a bit of a redesign.
4th May 2005 Welded on the brake cable fittings to the undercarriage legs. Brakes now complete.
5th May 2005 Made up a new cockpit panel for the instruments. Looks good. Went to pickup the main tank but the welder had made a bit of a mess. He is going to make another!
23rd May 2005 Started on remaking the exhaust system. All cut out and one side tack welded.
24th May 2005 Picked up the new fuel tank. Much better. I will use the side mounted fuel contents sender. Need to fit the aileron control pulleys to the center section then I can fit the fuel tank.
5th June 2005 I have spent the last month or so writing some software for the SAAA. Hopefully, I have nearly finished and will be back at the building table soon.
20th June 2005 Tack welded the second exhaust system. Tried fitting the fuel sender to the tank. The gasket is almost the same size as the hole. Will think of something else.
26th June 2005 Made a new fuel sender fitting. Its much thicker and the gasket fits nicely. Took it to Adrian for welding.
1st July 2005 Picked up the welded tank. Fitted the fuel sender and adjusted it as far as I could.
3rd July 2005 Fitted all the fuel fittings I had to the tanks with teflon tape. Found out later that I should not use the tape.
5th July 2005 Dis-assembled all the fuel fittings again.
8th July 2005 Rearranged all the instruments in the panel. Fitted all the switches and breakers.
9th July 2005 Trial fit of the seat belts front and rear. All looks good. Disassembled them again and packed away to keep clean.
12th July 2005 Started wiring the instrument panel.
14th July 2005 Wiring some more of the panel.
17th July 2005 Finished wiring the panel. A nice fit. Started wiring the engine and ignition system.
18th July 2005 Finished the wiring. Left the cables long at the firewall. I will adjust to the proper length when covered/finished. Just need to sort out the engine controls and the fuel plumbing and I can fire up again.
19th July 2005 Bent the steel for the undercarriage nut plates (4). Made up the control cable stops. Ordered some new fuel fittings.
28th July 2005 Finished all of the fuel system plumbing. Made up the tap extension for the front fuel tap. Fitted the fuel primer on the firewall. May shift this or do away with it altogether when I see how the engine runs at normal temps.
4th August 2005 Finished installing the aileron quick connects. Both wings now completed. Needs some paint on the fittings and then on to the covering.
8th August 2005 Ripped out the control system again. Not happy with the freedom of movement. Made up some rods with rod ends attached to the throttle/carb heat levers. Still need to sort the engine connection.
14th August 2005 Took some parts for lathing to the local machine shop. When these pieces are complete I can fit the throttle cable.
18th August 2005 Filled the fuel system with fuel to check for leaks. No problems so far. Checked out the electrics and fuel tank guage. All seems OK. Still awaiting the throttle cable connection parts.
19th August 2005 Finish welded the exhaust manifolds. Fitted to engine. Fitted Throttle cable and control rods. All ready to fire up.
21st August 2005 Ordered a new Odessy Battery. The motor cycle battery I bought has lost its charge and won’t recharge properly!
27th August 2005 Fitted new battery. Started OK. Set up ignition timing and now starting better. Still not idling well.
28th August 2005 Run the engine again for about 15 minutes. Will try and change props to see if any differences.
3th September 2005 Borrowed Darrens three blade prop. Installed on the engine. Much smother running. Max rpm around 2500.
4th September 2005 Took my prop to Mick Dye. Recommended trimming a lot of weight from it and making it thinner.
5th September 2005 Trimmed the prop. Much smaller. Needs balancing now. Borrowed Darrens NAS3 carby. Will install in place of the CV40.
7th September 2005 Fitted the NAS3 in place of the CV40. Fired it up and engine ran beautifully. Max rpm around 2800. I think I will replace the CV40 with an NAS3 or MA3-SPA
17th September 2005 Spent some time designing the cowling. Need to realign the inlet manifold. Balanced the prop. Very sensitive to balance, one rub with the sandpaper can change the balance.
29th September 2005 Bought a NAS3 carby. Started the new inlet manifold.
10th October 2005 Finished the new inlet manifold. Fits nicely. Now working on the control cables.
14th October 2005 Control cables fitted temporarily. Fitted electric primer in place of the manual one. Much better (and no fuel lines to find a route for).
15th October 2005 Engine start again with new inlet manifold. All working well. Manifold flange needs a bit of modification to allow full movement of butterfly valve.
10th November 2005 Finally got the flying strut ends from my machinist. I can now install.
12th November 2005 Cut the flying struts to length. Cut and welded the barrels to the base of the forward strut.
13th November 2005 Welded the reinforcing on the top and bottom of the rear strut and top of the forward strut. Drilled all the fitting bolt holes.
20th November 2005 Fitted the flying struts for the first time. All fitted well.
7th December 2005 Spent a few days cutting cardboard templates for the cowling. Eventually cut some ply as a template. Looks good.
10th December 2005 Cut some aluminium box section for the front "Radiator Cowl". Had it welded up.
12th December 2005 Cut some aluminium sheet for cowling templates. Rivited and screwed together. Looks better with the flat front rather than the "Radiator" look.
20th December 2005 Other than the completion of the cowling, construction is just about complete. I will now strip, varnish and paint, ready for covering.
22nd February 2006 Brian Turner came to carry out the pre-covering inspection. All went well.
25th February 2006 Started disassembly of all the major components.
27th February 2006 Fitting of control cable guides for elevators and rudder etc.
1st March 2006 Fitted a couple of new pulleys in the top elevator control cable to keep the exit cable static and stop it rubbing on the elevator woodwork when relaxed.
3rd March 2006 Finished glueing the rest of the control cable guides. Started looking at a trim lever.
5th March 2006 Tried one idea for a trim lever, not so good. I will think of something else.
10th March 2006 Finally have a trim lever I like. Just have to hope the springs are going to the correct tension.
20th March 2006 Have now finished unbolting everything from the fuselage. Only the undercarriage mounting brackets to remove. I’ll make up the nut plates first.
24th March 2006 Finished making the nut plates. Removed the undercarriage mounting brackets.
25th March 2006 Put everything in separate plastic bags. Need to glue the cowling/cockpit ally fittings to the fuse.
4th April 2006 Glue the fittings for the ally cockpit cover and front cowling. I can now use SS screws to screw the ally to the fuse.
8th April 2006 Spent a couple of days just sanding everything ready for a final varnish coat.
28th April 2006 Gave the whole fuse (outside) two more coats of varnish. This was sprayed on with the new spray equipment. Will turn over and do the inside.
30th April 2006 Sprayed one coat of varnish on the inside before the spray gun blocked up.
2nd May 2006 Brush varnished the inside. I decided not to paint the inside, just leave the wood clear varnished.
4th May 2006 Took the undercarriage and tailwheel to be powder coated. Started painting the control columns etc.
6th May 2006 Started the re-installation of the electrics with a revarnished and finished instrument panel.
7th May 2006 Continued re-installing the instrument panel.
8th May 2006 Finished painting the control columns etc. Re-installed the engine control levers.
12th May 2006 Started re-installing the control columns and rudder/pedals.
15th May 2006 Fitted some checker plate aluminum to the floor and under the rudder bar and pedals. This will act as a kick plate.
18th May 2006 Finished fitting the controls, rudder, elevator bell crank, rear fuse fittings. Electrical all complete in fuse. Started fuel system re-installation.
20th May 2006 Made up some stainless steel straps to hold front fuel header tank. Both fitted in place.
21st May 2006 Fitted fuel tubing and tap/valve.
22nd May 2006 Fitted seat belts, rudder cable guides etc.
24th May 2006 Sanded and prepared tail feathers for covering. Waiting for a thermometer to calibrate iron. Glued in ply gussets around the control horns. Provides something to glue fabric to.
27th May 2006 Made and fitted radio bracket. Needs some varnish.
29th May 2006 Started making the firewall. Re-faced the cockpit side of the firewall with 1/16th ply.
30th May 2006 Re-Drilled all the firewall through points and mounting holes. Bought some stainless steel for the firewall.
3rd June 2006 Cut and shaped the stainless for the firewall.
5th June 2006 Coated the horizontal and vertical stab with two coats of poly-brush.
7th June 2006 Poly-tak’ed the fabric to the horizontal stab both sides. Ironed to shrink.
10th June 2006 Tried rib stitching for the first time. Completed the horizontal stab stiching.
11th June 2006 Added the chord wise tapes to the horizontal stab.
14th June 2006 Completed the vertical stab covering (except LE/TE tapes). Started the rudder, fabric covered one side.
15th June 2006 Fabriced the second side of the rudder. Poly brushed one coat.
16th June 2006 Rib stitched the rudder. Poly brushed the tapes (except the L/E and T/E tapes).
18th June 2006 Glued firewall ply to front of fuse. Now already to cover the fuse.
20th June 2006 Fabric on both sides of one elevator.
21st June 2006 Rib stitched one elevator.
22nd June 2006 Tapes poly brushed to one elevator. Fabric on one side of the other elevator.
23rd June 2006 Fabric on other side of elevator.
24th June 2006 Poly brush one coat on elevator.
26th June 2006 Rib stitched the last elevator.
27th June 2006 Finished the tail feather covering (apart from edge tapes).
28th June 2006 Covered both sides of the fuse.
29th July 2006 Covered bottom of fuse.
30th July 2006 Covered turtle deck. Poly brush first coat over the whole fuse.
2nd July 2006 Poly Brushed the side, bottom and end tapes on the fuse.
4th July 2006 Re-fitted the U/C and engine mount fittings. Will mask when painting. The fitting of the pieces holds the fabric in place when I spray the next two coats of poly brush.
5th July 2006 Marked out the exit points for the control cables. Will do a temp fit of the tail feathers to confirm exits.
9th July 2006 Covered the top of the center section.
10th July 2006 Covered the bottom of the center section. First coat of poly brush. Still needs the tapes.
20th July 2006 Finally finished all the edge tapes. Glued the control cable fairings to the fuse. Now ready to paint.
25th July 2006 Bought some clear poly sheeting and made up a temp spray booth.
26th July 2006 First coat of poly brush on the horizontal stab and fin. Too much!
27th July 2006 Tried Poly Brush with the rudder and elevators. Much better.
4th August 2006 Spent a few days spraying poly brush on the tail feathers and centre section. Still first coat.
7th August 2006 Spent a few more days spraying poly brush on the tail feathers and centre section. This is the second and third coats.
8th August 2006 Decided the horizontal stab looked rubbish so recovered and resprayed. Much better. Amazing how much quicker things are the second time round!
10th August 2006 First coat of poly spray applied to tail feathers and center section.
13th August 2006 Second coat of poly spray applied to center section and fin.
19th August 2006 Finished the colour coats on the center section and tail feathers. Looks good. A few masking problems with some cheap tape and paper. Will need a little cleaning up.
22nd August 2006 Cleaned out the workshop. Made up a fuse turning rig and masked up the fuse. Better quality masking paper and tape.
26th August 2006 Finally finished with the paint on the fuse. A few more bleed throughs but fixable. Obviously didn’t get the correct masking tape.
27th August 2006 Re-fitted under carriage and tail wheel.
28th August 2006 Re-fitted all the tail feathers and bracing wires.
29th August 2006 Re-fitted the center section, strut bracing wires and aileron control wires.
30th August 2006 Fitted all items to firewall including engine mount.
31st August 2006 Fitted engine.
1st September 2006 Re-fitted inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, starter motor etc.
2nd September 2006 Reconnected all fuel lines, electrics and welded oil/air seperator lines.
4th September 2006 Made up a carb heat box attached to the exhaust manifold. Fitted hose to the oil/air seperator.
6th September 2006 Fitted SCAT tube for carb heat and carb to gasloator hose. Started cutting the cockpit covering from aluminium.
8th September 2006 Re-fitted prop. Finished cutting the aluminium for the cockpit cowling. Needs finishing and fitting.
10th September 2006 Fitted the aluminium cockpit cowling. Needs some trimming and painting. Will leave until weight and balance is done. I may need to shift the wing.
11th September 2006 Moved one wing to the work bench. Cleaned it all up and tightened the turnbuckles so that the wing is square.
12th September 2006 Lock wired all the turn buckles. Applied the first coat of poly brush ready to cover.
13th Septermber 2006 Covered the first side of the wing.
14th September 2006 Covered the second side of the wing.
15th September 2006 Spent the day with Mai rib stiching. Finished the wing.
16th September 2006 Heat shrunk at 350 degrees all over and applied one coat of poly brush to the bottom of the wing. Covered and poly brushed the aileron.
17th September 2006 Poly brushed the top of the wing. Turned over when dry and finished all the bottom tapes.
18th September 2006 Finished the tapes on the top of the wing. Wing ready for paint.
19th September 2006 Finished taping the aileron. Preped the last wing for covering.
20th September 2006 Covered the top of the wing.
21st September 2006 Covered the bottom of the wing.
22nd September 2006 Covered the starboard aileron, ready for rib stitching.
23rd September 2006 Rib stitched half the wing.
24th September 2006 Completed the rib stitching of the wing.
25th September 2006 Finished 350 degree heat shrinking and first coat of Poly Brush. Poly brushed the tapes on the top of the wing.
26th September 2006 Poly brushed the tapes on the bottom of the wing. Rib stitched and then Poly Brushed the tapes on the aileron.
27th September 2006 Completed the wing. Added cable fairings and drain grommets. Both wings now ready for paint.
28th Spetember 2006 Cleaned up the flying struts. Welded the washer or the rear struts.
30th September 2006 Fitted the wings again so as to check the flying struts. All worked out well.
1st October 2006 Finished the flying struts and took the to be powder coated. Took the seat cushions for covering.
2nd October 2006 Cut and shaped the lexan for the windscreens.
3rd October 2006 Fitted the windscreens and the cowling mounting brackets. Painted the cockpit covers.
4th October 2006 Fitted the painted cockpit covers and installed the screens and seats. Poly-brushed one side of the ailerons.
7th October 2006 Took the fuse to the airport. Nice to have it in the right place! Poly Brushed and poly sprayed the ailerons.
8th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on one side of one wing.
9th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on the other side of one wing. First coat of colour on one side.
10th October 2006 Fitted aileron and finished the other side of the wing with colour.
11th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on one side of the last wing.
12th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on the other side of the last wing.
13th October 2006 Fitted aileron and added the second coat of Poly Spray and two coats of Poly Tone.
14th October 2006 Turned over wing and added one coat poly spray and two poly tone.
15th October 2006 Masked up one wing and added the colour highlight. One wing now complete.
16th October 2006 Masked up the second wing and added the colour highlight. Both wings now complete.
17th October 2006 Took both wings out to the airport.
18th October 2006 Fitted both wings, struts and bracing wires. Connected ailerons. All working OK.
19th October 2006 Made up a tow hook for the hangar.
20th October 2006 Took the cowl mould to the workshop for checking. Still needs a little work.
21st October 2006 At the hangar, fiddling…….
22nd October 2006 Finished the cowl mould. Carried out a radio check. Looks like a little feedback though the PTT cable.
26th – 29th October 2006 Wings Over Wagga Fly in.
3rd November 2006 Spent a few days fiddling in the hangar again. Picked up the cowl bowl and measured up (again) for the cowling ally.
13th Novermber 2006 Spent a few days remaking the cowling bowl and fitting the cowl. All it needs now is a coat of paint. I have also fitted the wing join covers although they need a coat of paint as well.
14th November 2006 Picked up Darrens prop so as to do some engine tests and slow taxi testing. Mine is being balanced.
15th November 2006 Fitted the temporary prop and ran the engine again. Felt good but the throttle is a bit spongy when pulled to idle.
17th November 2006 Finished the cowling air intake and front cooling vents.
18th November 2006 Fitted the new prop. Much better. Realy looks the part. I will remove the cowling tomorrow for painting.
19th November 2006 Removed and painted the cowling.
21st November 2006 One more coat to the cowling.
22nd November 2006 Carried out the first weight and balance. Came out tail heavy so will need to move the wing back.
23rd – 26th November 2006 Moved the wing back three inches. Mean new holes for the bracing wires, aileron control cable etc, etc, etc……. Change one thing: change a bundle..
27th November 2006 Weight and balance carried out again. This time OK.
28th – 29th November 2006 Getting ready for the C of A. Had to make up some baffling for the engine.
30th November 2006 I do belive its finished!!!!!!!
2nd December 2006 Had the Certificate of Airworthiness issued today. So now we can go and fly!!!!
12th December 2006 Spent some days taxi-ing and getting the feel of the plane. Still with my old prop. Had some temp issues and increased the baffling around the engine. Feels good…..
17th December 2006 First Flight………….