Build Log

Date Work
22nd February 2006 Brian Turner came to carry out the pre-covering inspection. All went well.
25th February 2006 Started disassembly of all the major components.
27th February 2006 Fitting of control cable guides for elevators and rudder etc.
1st March 2006 Fitted a couple of new pulleys in the top elevator control cable to keep the exit cable static and stop it rubbing on the elevator woodwork when relaxed.
3rd March 2006 Finished glueing the rest of the control cable guides. Started looking at a trim lever.
5th March 2006 Tried one idea for a trim lever, not so good. I will think of something else.
10th March 2006 Finally have a trim lever I like. Just have to hope the springs are going to the correct tension.
20th March 2006 Have now finished unbolting everything from the fuselage. Only the undercarriage mounting brackets to remove. I’ll make up the nut plates first.
24th March 2006 Finished making the nut plates. Removed the undercarriage mounting brackets.
25th March 2006 Put everything in separate plastic bags. Need to glue the cowling/cockpit ally fittings to the fuse.
4th April 2006 Glue the fittings for the ally cockpit cover and front cowling. I can now use SS screws to screw the ally to the fuse.
8th April 2006 Spent a couple of days just sanding everything ready for a final varnish coat.
28th April 2006 Gave the whole fuse (outside) two more coats of varnish. This was sprayed on with the new spray equipment. Will turn over and do the inside.
30th April 2006 Sprayed one coat of varnish on the inside before the spray gun blocked up.
2nd May 2006 Brush varnished the inside. I decided not to paint the inside, just leave the wood clear varnished.
4th May 2006 Took the undercarriage and tailwheel to be powder coated. Started painting the control columns etc.
6th May 2006 Started the re-installation of the electrics with a revarnished and finished instrument panel.
7th May 2006 Continued re-installing the instrument panel.
8th May 2006 Finished painting the control columns etc. Re-installed the engine control levers.
12th May 2006 Started re-installing the control columns and rudder/pedals.
15th May 2006 Fitted some checker plate aluminum to the floor and under the rudder bar and pedals. This will act as a kick plate.
18th May 2006 Finished fitting the controls, rudder, elevator bell crank, rear fuse fittings. Electrical all complete in fuse. Started fuel system re-installation.
20th May 2006 Made up some stainless steel straps to hold front fuel header tank. Both fitted in place.
21st May 2006 Fitted fuel tubing and tap/valve.
22nd May 2006 Fitted seat belts, rudder cable guides etc.
24th May 2006 Sanded and prepared tail feathers for covering. Waiting for a thermometer to calibrate iron. Glued in ply gussets around the control horns. Provides something to glue fabric to.
27th May 2006 Made and fitted radio bracket. Needs some varnish.
29th May 2006 Started making the firewall. Re-faced the cockpit side of the firewall with 1/16th ply.
30th May 2006 Re-Drilled all the firewall through points and mounting holes. Bought some stainless steel for the firewall.
3rd June 2006 Cut and shaped the stainless for the firewall.
5th June 2006 Coated the horizontal and vertical stab with two coats of poly-brush.
7th June 2006 Poly-tak’ed the fabric to the horizontal stab both sides. Ironed to shrink.
10th June 2006 Tried rib stitching for the first time. Completed the horizontal stab stiching.
11th June 2006 Added the chord wise tapes to the horizontal stab.
14th June 2006 Completed the vertical stab covering (except LE/TE tapes). Started the rudder, fabric covered one side.
15th June 2006 Fabriced the second side of the rudder. Poly brushed one coat.
16th June 2006 Rib stitched the rudder. Poly brushed the tapes (except the L/E and T/E tapes).
18th June 2006 Glued firewall ply to front of fuse. Now already to cover the fuse.
20th June 2006 Fabric on both sides of one elevator.
21st June 2006 Rib stitched one elevator.
22nd June 2006 Tapes poly brushed to one elevator. Fabric on one side of the other elevator.
23rd June 2006 Fabric on other side of elevator.
24th June 2006 Poly brush one coat on elevator.
26th June 2006 Rib stitched the last elevator.
27th June 2006 Finished the tail feather covering (apart from edge tapes).
28th June 2006 Covered both sides of the fuse.
29th July 2006 Covered bottom of fuse.
30th July 2006 Covered turtle deck. Poly brush first coat over the whole fuse.
2nd July 2006 Poly Brushed the side, bottom and end tapes on the fuse.
4th July 2006 Re-fitted the U/C and engine mount fittings. Will mask when painting. The fitting of the pieces holds the fabric in place when I spray the next two coats of poly brush.
5th July 2006 Marked out the exit points for the control cables. Will do a temp fit of the tail feathers to confirm exits.
9th July 2006 Covered the top of the center section.
10th July 2006 Covered the bottom of the center section. First coat of poly brush. Still needs the tapes.
20th July 2006 Finally finished all the edge tapes. Glued the control cable fairings to the fuse. Now ready to paint.
25th July 2006 Bought some clear poly sheeting and made up a temp spray booth.
26th July 2006 First coat of poly brush on the horizontal stab and fin. Too much!
27th July 2006 Tried Poly Brush with the rudder and elevators. Much better.
4th August 2006 Spent a few days spraying poly brush on the tail feathers and centre section. Still first coat.
7th August 2006 Spent a few more days spraying poly brush on the tail feathers and centre section. This is the second and third coats.
8th August 2006 Decided the horizontal stab looked rubbish so recovered and resprayed. Much better. Amazing how much quicker things are the second time round!
10th August 2006 First coat of poly spray applied to tail feathers and center section.
13th August 2006 Second coat of poly spray applied to center section and fin.
19th August 2006 Finished the colour coats on the center section and tail feathers. Looks good. A few masking problems with some cheap tape and paper. Will need a little cleaning up.
22nd August 2006 Cleaned out the workshop. Made up a fuse turning rig and masked up the fuse. Better quality masking paper and tape.
26th August 2006 Finally finished with the paint on the fuse. A few more bleed throughs but fixable. Obviously didn’t get the correct masking tape.
27th August 2006 Re-fitted under carriage and tail wheel.
28th August 2006 Re-fitted all the tail feathers and bracing wires.
29th August 2006 Re-fitted the center section, strut bracing wires and aileron control wires.
30th August 2006 Fitted all items to firewall including engine mount.
31st August 2006 Fitted engine.
1st September 2006 Re-fitted inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, starter motor etc.
2nd September 2006 Reconnected all fuel lines, electrics and welded oil/air seperator lines.
4th September 2006 Made up a carb heat box attached to the exhaust manifold. Fitted hose to the oil/air seperator.
6th September 2006 Fitted SCAT tube for carb heat and carb to gasloator hose. Started cutting the cockpit covering from aluminium.
8th September 2006 Re-fitted prop. Finished cutting the aluminium for the cockpit cowling. Needs finishing and fitting.
10th September 2006 Fitted the aluminium cockpit cowling. Needs some trimming and painting. Will leave until weight and balance is done. I may need to shift the wing.
11th September 2006 Moved one wing to the work bench. Cleaned it all up and tightened the turnbuckles so that the wing is square.
12th September 2006 Lock wired all the turn buckles. Applied the first coat of poly brush ready to cover.
13th Septermber 2006 Covered the first side of the wing.
14th September 2006 Covered the second side of the wing.
15th September 2006 Spent the day with Mai rib stiching. Finished the wing.
16th September 2006 Heat shrunk at 350 degrees all over and applied one coat of poly brush to the bottom of the wing. Covered and poly brushed the aileron.
17th September 2006 Poly brushed the top of the wing. Turned over when dry and finished all the bottom tapes.
18th September 2006 Finished the tapes on the top of the wing. Wing ready for paint.
19th September 2006 Finished taping the aileron. Preped the last wing for covering.
20th September 2006 Covered the top of the wing.
21st September 2006 Covered the bottom of the wing.
22nd September 2006 Covered the starboard aileron, ready for rib stitching.
23rd September 2006 Rib stitched half the wing.
24th September 2006 Completed the rib stitching of the wing.
25th September 2006 Finished 350 degree heat shrinking and first coat of Poly Brush. Poly brushed the tapes on the top of the wing.
26th September 2006 Poly brushed the tapes on the bottom of the wing. Rib stitched and then Poly Brushed the tapes on the aileron.
27th September 2006 Completed the wing. Added cable fairings and drain grommets. Both wings now ready for paint.
28th Spetember 2006 Cleaned up the flying struts. Welded the washer or the rear struts.
30th September 2006 Fitted the wings again so as to check the flying struts. All worked out well.
1st October 2006 Finished the flying struts and took the to be powder coated. Took the seat cushions for covering.
2nd October 2006 Cut and shaped the lexan for the windscreens.
3rd October 2006 Fitted the windscreens and the cowling mounting brackets. Painted the cockpit covers.
4th October 2006 Fitted the painted cockpit covers and installed the screens and seats. Poly-brushed one side of the ailerons.
7th October 2006 Took the fuse to the airport. Nice to have it in the right place! Poly Brushed and poly sprayed the ailerons.
8th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on one side of one wing.
9th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on the other side of one wing. First coat of colour on one side.
10th October 2006 Fitted aileron and finished the other side of the wing with colour.
11th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on one side of the last wing.
12th October 2006 Poly brush and one coat of poly spray on the other side of the last wing.
13th October 2006 Fitted aileron and added the second coat of Poly Spray and two coats of Poly Tone.
14th October 2006 Turned over wing and added one coat poly spray and two poly tone.
15th October 2006 Masked up one wing and added the colour highlight. One wing now complete.
16th October 2006 Masked up the second wing and added the colour highlight. Both wings now complete.
17th October 2006 Took both wings out to the airport.
18th October 2006 Fitted both wings, struts and bracing wires. Connected ailerons. All working OK.
19th October 2006 Made up a tow hook for the hangar.
20th October 2006 Took the cowl mould to the workshop for checking. Still needs a little work.
21st October 2006 At the hangar, fiddling…….
22nd October 2006 Finished the cowl mould. Carried out a radio check. Looks like a little feedback though the PTT cable.
26th – 29th October 2006 Wings Over Wagga Fly in.
3rd November 2006 Spent a few days fiddling in the hangar again. Picked up the cowl bowl and measured up (again) for the cowling ally.
13th Novermber 2006 Spent a few days remaking the cowling bowl and fitting the cowl. All it needs now is a coat of paint. I have also fitted the wing join covers although they need a coat of paint as well.
14th November 2006 Picked up Darrens prop so as to do some engine tests and slow taxi testing. Mine is being balanced.
15th November 2006 Fitted the temporary prop and ran the engine again. Felt good but the throttle is a bit spongy when pulled to idle.
17th November 2006 Finished the cowling air intake and front cooling vents.
18th November 2006 Fitted the new prop. Much better. Realy looks the part. I will remove the cowling tomorrow for painting.
19th November 2006 Removed and painted the cowling.
21st November 2006 One more coat to the cowling.
22nd November 2006 Carried out the first weight and balance. Came out tail heavy so will need to move the wing back.
23rd – 26th November 2006 Moved the wing back three inches. Mean new holes for the bracing wires, aileron control cable etc, etc, etc……. Change one thing: change a bundle..
27th November 2006 Weight and balance carried out again. This time OK.
28th – 29th November 2006 Getting ready for the C of A. Had to make up some baffling for the engine.
30th November 2006 I do belive its finished!!!!!!!
2nd December 2006 Had the Certificate of Airworthiness issued today. So now we can go and fly!!!!
12th December 2006 Spent some days taxi-ing and getting the feel of the plane. Still with my old prop. Had some temp issues and increased the baffling around the engine. Feels good…..
17th December 2006 First Flight………….