Build Log

Date Work
3rd January 2005 Had the engine running again. Still needs priming every start. Small oil leak is around the oil pan gasket at the engine mounting bolt cut outs. Runs a bit rich. I need a trailer or something to ease moving the test stand around.
6th January 2005 Removed the cooling ears and modified then to allow them to be removed without dis-assembly of the starter motor bracket.
8th January 2005 Rewired the engine test stand, I removed the alternator switch and made the master switch the ignition switch. I have a push start button now.
10th January 2005 Purchased some steel and wheels for the engine test stand. Also found some cable shackles for the control system.
11th January 2005 Installed the cable shackles on the elevator, rudder and tail wheel control cables.
12th January 2005 Welded the additional steel to the engine test stand. Fitted the wheels. I can now move it around easily and should be good to do a decent engine run.
13th January 2005 Built a re-designed pulley for the control system. Much better than the original.
14th January 2005 Carried out two engine runs today. Ran for around 5 to 7 mins each. RPM to 2000, oil pressure 50psi, temp about 130-140. I think I will try a different carb. Maybe I can get the ignition tuned and then concentrate on the carburation.
15th January 2005 Fitted the bracing wires to the emmpenage, cross bracing to the center section and finished the rudder cables etc. Certainly tightens everything up.
17th January 2005 Fitted the barcing wires to the outer wing section (Port side).
18th January 2005 Made up an ally choke for the HD CV40. Now needs a control cable.
20th January 2005 Fitted additional pulleys to the rudder and tail wheel control cables.
21st January 2005 Welded up the hinges for the port side aileron. Fitted hinges and aileron control lever.
22nd January 2005 Assembled all the pulleys (6) for the aileron control cables. Cut out the port aileron from the wing section. All works well. Welded up part of the quick connect system.
24th January 2005 Cut ply for the leading edge of the port outer wing section. Scarfe jointed to make one length.
26th January 2005 Masked up the glue lines on the leading edge ply and wing section. Painted fittings that will not be accessable when LE covered.
27th January 2005 Covered leading edge bendline with wet cloths to bend ply.
28th January 2005 Decided to glue only the top on the leading edge first. I’ll leave the bottom until the top is set.
30th January 2005 Tried to glue the bottom LE ply. The ply did not want to bend properly…. I pulled the whole thing off and will start again. Not a great day….
31st January 2005 Bought a couple of Tillotson carbies from Ebay. I’ll try in place of the CV40.
1st February 2005 Cut another small piece of ply. Masked and varnished as before.
2nd February 2005 Bent the ply over a steel tube former with plenty of water. Clamped up and left to dry.
4th February 2005 Glued the ply to the leading edge. Better than the first time but still not happy with it.
7th February 2005 Made the intake hole in the choke slide larger. I’ll have to start the carb heat box before I can fit.
9th February 2005 Came up with a new idea for the leading edge ply. Cut some template/clamps the same as the leading edge.
10th February 2005 Varnished the new ply leading edge. (A small piece for a trial fit). Disassembled the tail feathers and varnished all the pieces.
11th February 2005 Bent the ply around a smaller former. When dry fitted on to the leading edge using the new clamps. Looks good. Will let it settle a while before I glue.
14th February 2005 Glued the first section of leading edge ply. Stapled and clamped in place. Much better!
15th February 2005 Cut and varnished piece no 2. Varnished some more of the fuse.
16th February 2005 Bent piece No 2. Cleaned up the staples in the first section.
17th February 2005 Glued the second section of leading edge ply. Stapled and clamped in place. Not quite such a good fit. Need some better clamping.
18th February 2005 Cut and varnished piece no 3. Varnished some more of the fuse.
21st February 2005 Bought some ratchet band clamps. Glued the third section of leading edge ply. Stapled and clamped in place. Much better than all the rest. Perhaps we have got it right this time.
22nd February 2005 Cut out, varnished and bent the last piece of the port leading edge ply. Clamped into positon ready for glueing.
23rd February 2005 Glued the last piece of leading edge ply on the port wing in place.
24th February 2005 Cut out root rib reinforcement ply for top and bottom of port wing. Masked and varnished them ready for gluing.
25th February 2005 Varnished the port wing. Made up the metal work for the new inlet manifold.
26th February 2005 Glued top root rib ply in place..
28th February 2005 Took design and template for wing and front fuel tanks to machine shop for manufacture. Ordered additional fittings.
1st March 2005 Glued bottom root rib ply in place. Cut ply for trailing edge.
2nd March 2005 Fitted all metal work, reconnected all bracing wires to the wing.
3rd March 2005 Started cutting out the center section flop reinforcing ply and root rib ply.
4th March 2005 Glued the center section flop ply in place. Glued trailing edge ply.
5th March 2005 Glued the brace spruce in the center section flop area ready for the ply on the inside of the flop. Glued in the spacer ply on the center section strut fittings.
6th March 2005 Glued the inside flop ply in place. Center section now needs varnishing and the leading edge ply fitted.
8th March 2005 Cutout leading edge ply for center section.
9th March 2005 Varnished center section and leading edge ply.
10th March 2005 Bending the center section ply.
11th March 2005 Glued the leading edge ply to the center section.
12th March 2005 Sanded the center section and varnished the leading edge. Center section now finished. Waiting for fuel tank etc.
13th March 2005 Painted all the fittings for the starboard wing ready for installation.
14th March 2005 Varnished the top of the wing. Masked off the areas of the leading edge ply and root rib ply reinforcement.
15th March 2005 Fitted the steel wing fittings.
17th March 2005 Welded up the aileron hinges and aileron quick connect fillings ready for installation.
19th March 2005 Test fitted all the hinges. Cut away the aileron from the wing.
20th March 2005 Cleaned up the aileron and final fitted the hinges.
21st March 2005 Fitted all the bracing wires in the starboard wing
23rd March 2005 Cut and flared some new exhaust stubs. These are 1 1/2 inch instead of the 1 1/4 inch as fitted. The 1 1/4 inch don’t fit over the cyclinder head stub very well. I’ll have to re-weld the manifold.
25th March 2005 Tapped and fitted 1/8th inch NPT fittings to cylinder heads for primer.
26th – 29th March 2005 Narromine Fly-in.
2nd April 2005 Cut ply for leading edge, root rib reinforcment and trailing edge for the starboard wing. Varnished the bottom of the wing and insides of leading edge.
4th April 2005 Bent up one section of the leading edge.
5th April 2005 Glued in one section of the leading edge.
6th April 2005 Bent up second section of the leading edge. Design of brake cable run.
7th April 2005 Made up brake cable fittings. Need the cables swaged to the fittings.
8th April 2005 Had the brake cable fittings swaged to the cables.
9th April 2005 Made new fittings for the brake cable. Tapped the holes for the bolts in the aileron control levers.
10th April 2005 Glued the second piece of leading edge ply, the top root rib bay ply and the trailing edge ply in place. Glued the brake cable guides in the fuselage floor.
11th April 2005 Bent the third piece of leading edge ply. Fitted Brake cables in place. Need to weld fittings to undercarriage legs.
12th April 2005 Glued the third piece of leading edge ply. Bent the last piece.
14th April 2005 Glued the last piece of leading edge ply. Glued the underside root rib bay ply in place.
16th April 2005 Sanded all the leading edge and root rib bay ply. All it needs now is some varnish.
20th April 2005 Moved the engine from the test stand to the fuselage. Needed to fit out the engine controls and fuel system.
21st April 2005 Picked up the header tank. Made up the woodwork to fit in the front cockpit bay.
22nd April 2005 Removed the old exhaust stack. Cut off the old stubs. Made new (larger diameter) stubs. Need some new 2 in steel tube.
23rd April 2005 Re-fitted the rudder control cables. Cut the nut plates for the undercarriage hardwood joints.
24th April 2005 Picked up the main fuel tank. Trial fitted and looks good. I decided to go with the Stearman type fuel guage. Save some instrument space in the cockpit.
25th April 2005 Still undecided on the engine controls. I bought some bowden cable but does not look too good. I think I’ll try the control rods.
27th April 2005 Worked out a method of installing the bowden control cables. Installed them temporarily, Looks good. I actually checked BHP’s plans and they ended up the same!
28th April 2005 Need to make up some brackets to hold the outers of the bowden cable more accurately, but happy with the result.
29th April 2005 Stripped all the instruments from the engine test stand ready for installation in the cockpit.
1st May 2005 Fitted the wings to the fuselage for the first time. Nice fit! Measured the strut lengths and they are the same both sides. Just as well!!
3rd May 2005 Re-fitted the instruments in the cockpit panel. Found I couldn’t reach some of the mounting screws. Will need a bit of a redesign.
4th May 2005 Welded on the brake cable fittings to the undercarriage legs. Brakes now complete.
5th May 2005 Made up a new cockpit panel for the instruments. Looks good. Went to pickup the main tank but the welder had made a bit of a mess. He is going to make another!
23rd May 2005 Started on remaking the exhaust system. All cut out and one side tack welded.
24th May 2005 Picked up the new fuel tank. Much better. I will use the side mounted fuel contents sender. Need to fit the aileron control pulleys to the center section then I can fit the fuel tank.
5th June 2005 I have spent the last month or so writing some software for the SAAA. Hopefully, I have nearly finished and will be back at the building table soon.
20th June 2005 Tack welded the second exhaust system. Tried fitting the fuel sender to the tank. The gasket is almost the same size as the hole. Will think of something else.
26th June 2005 Made a new fuel sender fitting. Its much thicker and the gasket fits nicely. Took it to Adrian for welding.
1st July 2005 Picked up the welded tank. Fitted the fuel sender and adjusted it as far as I could.
3rd July 2005 Fitted all the fuel fittings I had to the tanks with teflon tape. Found out later that I should not use the tape.
5th July 2005 Dis-assembled all the fuel fittings again.
8th July 2005 Rearranged all the instruments in the panel. Fitted all the switches and breakers.
9th July 2005 Trial fit of the seat belts front and rear. All looks good. Disassembled them again and packed away to keep clean.
12th July 2005 Started wiring the instrument panel.
14th July 2005 Wiring some more of the panel.
17th July 2005 Finished wiring the panel. A nice fit. Started wiring the engine and ignition system.
18th July 2005 Finished the wiring. Left the cables long at the firewall. I will adjust to the proper length when covered/finished. Just need to sort out the engine controls and the fuel plumbing and I can fire up again.
19th July 2005 Bent the steel for the undercarriage nut plates (4). Made up the control cable stops. Ordered some new fuel fittings.
28th July 2005 Finished all of the fuel system plumbing. Made up the tap extension for the front fuel tap. Fitted the fuel primer on the firewall. May shift this or do away with it altogether when I see how the engine runs at normal temps.
4th August 2005 Finished installing the aileron quick connects. Both wings now completed. Needs some paint on the fittings and then on to the covering.
8th August 2005 Ripped out the control system again. Not happy with the freedom of movement. Made up some rods with rod ends attached to the throttle/carb heat levers. Still need to sort the engine connection.
14th August 2005 Took some parts for lathing to the local machine shop. When these pieces are complete I can fit the throttle cable.
18th August 2005 Filled the fuel system with fuel to check for leaks. No problems so far. Checked out the electrics and fuel tank guage. All seems OK. Still awaiting the throttle cable connection parts.
19th August 2005 Finish welded the exhaust manifolds. Fitted to engine. Fitted Throttle cable and control rods. All ready to fire up.
21st August 2005 Ordered a new Odessy Battery. The motor cycle battery I bought has lost its charge and won’t recharge properly!
27th August 2005 Fitted new battery. Started OK. Set up ignition timing and now starting better. Still not idling well.
28th August 2005 Run the engine again for about 15 minutes. Will try and change props to see if any differences.
3th September 2005 Borrowed Darrens three blade prop. Installed on the engine. Much smother running. Max rpm around 2500.
4th September 2005 Took my prop to Mick Dye. Recommended trimming a lot of weight from it and making it thinner.
5th September 2005 Trimmed the prop. Much smaller. Needs balancing now. Borrowed Darrens NAS3 carby. Will install in place of the CV40.
7th September 2005 Fitted the NAS3 in place of the CV40. Fired it up and engine ran beautifully. Max rpm around 2800. I think I will replace the CV40 with an NAS3 or MA3-SPA
17th September 2005 Spent some time designing the cowling. Need to realign the inlet manifold. Balanced the prop. Very sensitive to balance, one rub with the sandpaper can change the balance.
29th September 2005 Bought a NAS3 carby. Started the new inlet manifold.
10th October 2005 Finished the new inlet manifold. Fits nicely. Now working on the control cables.
14th October 2005 Control cables fitted temporarily. Fitted electric primer in place of the manual one. Much better (and no fuel lines to find a route for).
15th October 2005 Engine start again with new inlet manifold. All working well. Manifold flange needs a bit of modification to allow full movement of butterfly valve.
10th November 2005 Finally got the flying strut ends from my machinist. I can now install.
12th November 2005 Cut the flying struts to length. Cut and welded the barrels to the base of the forward strut.
13th November 2005 Welded the reinforcing on the top and bottom of the rear strut and top of the forward strut. Drilled all the fitting bolt holes.
20th November 2005 Fitted the flying struts for the first time. All fitted well.
7th December 2005 Spent a few days cutting cardboard templates for the cowling. Eventually cut some ply as a template. Looks good.
10th December 2005 Cut some aluminium box section for the front "Radiator Cowl". Had it welded up.
12th December 2005 Cut some aluminium sheet for cowling templates. Rivited and screwed together. Looks better with the flat front rather than the "Radiator" look.
20th December 2005 Other than the completion of the cowling, construction is just about complete. I will now strip, varnish and paint, ready for covering.