Build Log

Date Work
6th January 2004 Bolted drag wire fittings to emmpenage.
7th January 2004 Sorted wood for wing spars.
8th January 2004 Built scarfing tool. This will allow scarfing of the plywood for the wing spars.
9th January 2004 Practice scarfe joint on 1/8th inch ply. Cut ply for one spar (front) ready for scarfing.
10th January 2004 Scarfed first four pieces of ply. Made up jig for front spar.
11th January 2004 Glued one cap strip of front spar.
12th January 2004 Glued second cap strip for front spar. Cut ply for the center section and second front spar.
13th January 2004 Scarfed and glued ply for second front spar.
14th January 2004 Glued first beam to second front spar. Glued first beam to front center section.
15th January 2004 Glued second beam to second front spar.
16th January 2004 Glued second beam to front center section. Cut ply for remaining spars.
17th Janaury 2004 Glued up one beam of the rear center section. Glued ply for one rear spar.
18th January 2004 Glued second beam to complete rear center section. Glued remaing ply for second rear spar.
19th January 2004 Glued one beam for first rear spar. Measured cowling ply for center struct fitting.Visit Ross regarding engine bits. Cylinders maybe ready this week.
20th January 2004 Glued second beam in first rear spar. Found two 19 inch steel motorcycle wheels with brakes and the address of a wheel rebuilder in Melbourne. Chasing more steel tubing for the hubs.
21st January 2004 Glued first beam in the last rear spar. Took some more steel to JRLaser for cutting.
22nd January 2004 Glued the second beam of the last rear spar. Only the blocking of the spars need to be carried out.
23rd Janaury 2004 Cut out all the blocking timber for the spars. Organised order for steel tubing for engine mount and undercarriage.
24th January 2004 Cut out all the blocking and ply for the rib positions and the blocked areas of the spars.
25th January 2004 Glued blocking for center sections.
26th January 2004 Glued blocking for first wing spar.
27th January 2004 Glued blocking for second wing spar.
28th January 2004 Glued blocking for third wing spar.
29th January 2004 Glued blocking for final wing spar.
30th January 2004 Glued cockpit cowling ply to fuse.
31st January 2004 Made side step ready for fitting, planed spar blocks ready for ply strengtheners. Started undercarriage welding jig.
1st February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to first spar.
2nd February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to second spar.
3rd February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to third spar.
4th February 2004 Glued rib/spar sticks to final spar. Glued side step to fuse. Glue reinforcing to firewall top. Picked up last bits of Laser cutting.
5th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar no. 1. Welded rudder and elevator horn attach brackets.
6th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar No.2. Fitted hinges to tail feathers. Fitted Tailwheel mount.
7th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar No. 3. Fitted horns to rudder and elevators.
8th February 2004 Glued ply front to spar No. 4. Ran temporary control cables to rudder and elevators. Some clearance problems but solvable.
9th February 2004 Glued ply front to center section spars.
10th February 2004 Sanded and cleaned up all spars. Disassembled Elevator and rudder horns for painting.
11th February 2004 Glued horn fitting reinforcement. Ordered axles etc from ASandS. Picked up steel for Under carriage and engine mounting.
12th February 2004 Cut the front spar set to length. Picked up engine bits. One cylinder has a crack in the skirt so ordered another from Clarks.
13th February 2004 Cut the rear spar set to length. Bent the spar fittings. Ordered some bushing from ASandS for the spar straps.
14th February 2004 Cut steel for the tail wheel.
15th February 2004 Welded and fitted tail wheel.
16th February 2004 Made up the jig for the engine mount tray
17th February 2004 Welded engine mount tray. Cut the rest of the engine mount jig ready to weld.
18th February 2004 Welded engine mount jig.
20th – 23rd February 2004 4WD trip to Wonangatta.
24th February 2004 Cut tubing for engine mount. Started welding.
25th February 2004 Still welding engine mount.
26th February 2004 Finished welding the engine mount. A couple of finishing touches to do.
27th February 2004 Finished welding the engine mount. Undercoated.
28th February 2004 Fitted out U/C jig and cut steel tubing to size.
29th February 2004 Welded spring shock struts.
1st March 2004 Welded Bushing to gear leg fittings. Cut slots in Legs to take the bushings. Designed brake and axle fitting.
2nd March 2004 Arranged wheel rebuild.
3rd March 2004 Fitted and Tack welded port legs in jig.
4th March 2004 Fitted and Tack welded starboard legs in jig.
5th March 2004 Fitted and welded cabane vee in jig.
6th March 2004 Welded port leg with reinforcing straps at the fuse fitting end.
7th March 2004 Welded starboard leg with reinforcing straps at the fuse fitting end.
8th March 2004 Fitted legs and vee to fuse. Need axles to complete.
9th March 2004 New cylinders arrived from Clarkes. Cleaned the gaps in the cylinders and painted black. Ready for the rebuild.
10th March 2004 Took the cylinders to rebuilder. He will fit the pistons and rings.
11th March 2004 Cut the steel for the axle extensions. Picked up some hardware for the U/C fittings.
12th March 2004 Picked up the cylinders with pistons installed. All ready to start the rebuild now.Welded the plugs into the spring shock struts. Already to mount (need painting).
13th March 2004 Fitted and tack welded the axle extensions to the Undercarriage legs.
14th March 2004 Organised the engine stand and repainted the cylinder studs.
15th March 2004 Tack welded axle webs to undercarriage legs. Now waiting for axles and wheels to be delivered from Wheel Builder.
16th March 2004 Finish welded the axle extensions to the legs.
17th March 2004 Fitted the rod end bearings to the U/C legs. The Cabane vee will need rod end bearings instead of the tube ends. Angle is all wrong.
18th March 2004 Made a steel template for the wing spar end drilling. Drilled one end of one of the rear spars. All seems OK.
30th March 2004 Glued in the aileron pulley bracket supports in the rear wing spar. Organised two new plugs for the cabane vee and ordered two new rod end bearings for the fuse to vee ends.
31st March 2004 Drilled holes in rear spar for mounting fittings. Filled holes with phenolic rod as bushing.
1st April 2004 Drilled holes in front and center section spars for mounting fittings. Filled holes with phenolic rod as bushing.
2nd April 2004 Re-drilled all the holes in the phenolic rod spar bushings.
4th April 2004 Sorted timber for center section.
5th April 2004 Rough assembly of the center section. Need to shape leading and trailing edges and shape all the ribs to same size.
14th April 2004 Fitted rod end bearings to fuse/cabane vee on under carriage. Much better.
15th April 2004 Cleaned and shaped ribs to fit spars.
16th April 2004 Cleaned and shaped ribs to fit spars.
17th April 2004 Trial fit of all center section and outer spars for wing attach fittings. Ready to start glue in the center section.
18th April 2004 Glued ribs to center section spars.
19th April 2004 Glued reinforcing braces to center section.
20th April 2004 Glued floor of center section in place.
21st April 2004 Shaped and glued Trailing edge to center section.
22nd April 2004 Shaped and glued Leading edge to center section. Fitted top ply strengtheners.
23rd April 2004 Started laying out port wing.
24th April 2004 Layed out center section and fixed spars to it. Glued in transportation fittings and wing root fitting spacers.
25th April 2004 Drilled holes for transportation fittings and sanded spacers.
26th April 2004 Fitted ribs to spars. Cut timber for all fittings. Started trammelling the wing.
27th April 2004 Continued trammelling the spars. Checked and checked so many times!!!!!!Glued up the laminates for the first wing tip.
28th April 2004 Bit the bullet and glued the ribs to the port spars. I think that was worse that gluing the fuselage! Also glued up the second wing tip.
29th April 2004 Glued on leading and trailing edges.
30th April 2004 Shaped aileron spars. Found some hangarage I think!!
1st May 2004 Cut leading and trailing edges to shape.
2nd May 2004 Glued leading and trailing edges in place.
3rd May 2004 Shaped trailing and leading edges in situ.
4th May 2004 Fitted and glued wing/aileron gap spar to wing.
5th May 2004 Fitted and glued aileron main and center spars. Welded aileron control horns. Bent steel for aileron hinges.
6th May 2004 Glued on wing tip and fitted/glued some bracing to the wing.
7th May 2004 More bracing added. Filled in the gaps on the bottom of the front spar ready for the ply covering.
10th May 2004 Turned wing over and glued in aileron braces and compression strut reinforcing. Sanded and shaped the wing tip areas. Ready to start starboard outer wing.
12th May 2004 Welded up some temporary axle fittings and fitted some spare motorcycle wheels. Moved the fuselage outside so I could move the port wing into the house for temp storage.
13th May 2004 Glued in reinforcing blocks for jury struts and transportation fittings in the starboard wing spars.
14th May 2004 Drilled holes for jury strut fittings etc. Fitted ribs to spars. Trammeling finished. Ready to glue ribs. Quicker the second time round!
15th May 2004 Glued ribs to spars.
16th May 2004 Started Engine rebuild. Setup engine on stand, fitted crank and camshaft. Torqued to 50lbs.
17th May 2004 Glued leading and trailing edges, compression struts inside wing.
18th May 2004 Glued in Aileron center and rear spars. Installed right-hand bank of cylinders and cylinder head on the engine.
19th May 2004 Glued in aileron front spar. Installed left-hand of cylinders and cylinder heads on the engine.
20th May 2004 Glued on trailing edge gussets and some cross braces.
21st May 2004 Glued on the rest of the cross braces and the wing tip. Filled in the gaps on the bottom of the front spar ready for the ply covering.
22nd May 2004 Shaped trailing and leading edges in situ. Both wings now ready for final ply box front.Trial fit of bellhousing and rear housing on the engine to check if I had all the correct nuts and bolts. Painted ring gear and pulley.
24th May 2004 Picked up some new socket headed bolts for the engine. More hardware for the wing.
25th May 2004 Fitted new hardware to one wing section.
26th May 2004 Torqued Rod bolts and installed valve train. The long block of the engine is now mostly complete. Need to sort out starter and alternator mountings etc.
27th May 2004 Installed front and rear housings, oil filter adapter. Started design of starter motor and alternator mounting.
28th May 2004 Fitted hardware to second wing. Glued in wood spacings on aileron and leading edge.
29th May 2004 Made up some brackets for the alternator and starter motor. They will be the patterns for the new brackets.
30th May 2004 Fitted oil pan. Used a lot of gasket goo… Modified starter motor bracket.
1st June 2004 Modified and painted engine stand. This will allow me to work on the motor in its correct orientation. Bought some steel tubing bends to make pattern for inlet manifold.
2nd June 2004 Spent a few days designing and building the patterns for the starter motor and alternator mounts.
10th June 2004 Finished the patterns for the starter/alternator mounts.
16th June 2004 Working on the inlet manifold.
17th June 2004 Made up a pattern from old waste pipe to work out where the inlet manifold will go.
20th June 2004 Took pattern to tube bender to have the inlet manifold made up in aluminum.
21st June 2004 Picked up wheels. Look good but need sand blasting and powder coating. Ordered tyres.
22nd June 2004 Made starter motor mount out of 4130.
23rd June 2004 Made alternator mount out of 4130. Fitted tyres on the wheels. I will need to remove again for powder coating but need tyres to get the Undercarriage geometry correct.
24th June 2004 Fitted brake fittings to axle. Reinstalled alternator and starter mounts after painting.
28th June 2004 Tube bender came back with a quote for AUD600.00. Will be ready next week.
30th June 2004 Worked out control cable fitting list. Drew up the Visio drawings of each fitting. Need quote from Aircraft Spruce and Aircraft Props in Moorabin.
2nd July 2004 In search of an airstrip again.
3rd July 2004 Found an air strip. Check out photos on page 7 for the proposed landing field. I can get a small hanger on and invite a couple of mates.
10th July 2004 Fitted axles to u/c legs. A little trimming on the spring attachment needs to be done.
12th July 2004 Tested a glue sample with varnished/non varnished ply samples.
14th July 2004 Installed engine on engine mount fitted to the fuselage. Looks OK. Inlet manifold should be finished Friday.
20th July 2004 Leaving for a few weeks in the warm. Hope to visit Arthur’s Piet in Townsville.
10th August 2004 Back from our trip up North. Still wet and cold in Wonthaggi. Will be fitting the ply leading edge to the wings this week.
20th August 2004 Been asembling the inlet manifold. Cut steel and tack welded engine test stand.
21st August 2004 Finish welded the engine stand. Dis-assembled the tail feathers for varnishing.
28th August 2004 Prepping undercarriage legs for powdercoating.
29th August 2004 Continuing prepping undercarriage legs for powdercoating.
30th August 2004 Cut out instrument mount for cockpit.
1st September 2004 Cut out port side ply filler strips for fuselage.
2nd Septermber 2004 Glued port side ply filler strips to fuselage and cut out starboard side ply filler strips for fuselage.
3rd September 2004 Glued starboard side ply filler strips to fuselage.
4th September 2004 Cut some spring steel for the tailwheel. Still not really happy!
6th September 2004 Turned the fuse over and started fitting the bottom stringer. This should hide the nuts/bolts from view under the fabric.
7th September 2004 Picked up the John Deere alternator.
8th September 2004 Ordered all the control system fittings, ignition parts and instruments. (Big spend)
10th September 2004 Fitted the new John Deere alternator. Much better profile. This will allow me to fit the "ears" properly and get efficient cooling on both banks of cylinders. The Nippon unit blocked air flow over one bank near completely.
12th September 2004 Re arranged the tailwheel by including a piece of spring steel. Angle relative to the fuselage is now much better.
14th September 2004 Glued a stringer along the bottom of the fuselage to allow all the nut and bolt heads to be hidden under the fabric.
15th September 2004 Re assembled all under carriage parts so fuselage is now back on its wheels.
17th September 2004 Received the tachometer. Working out how to install sender to count flywheel teeth.
18th September 2004 Drafted out new mounting bracket for alternator and tacho sender. Using aluminum plate on both sides of flywheel. Borrowed WW’s idea re JD alternator mount.
20th September 2004 Drafted design for engine hoist. I always seem to be waiting for somebody to come to visit before I can shift the engine around the workshop!
21st September 2004 Cut out alternator and sender mounts. Need some spacers for the alternator side. Looks good.
22nd September 2004 Purchased engine/chain hoist and ordered steel for engine crane.
23rd September 2004 Enjoyable day spent visiting another builder on Flinders Island, Tasmania.
24th September 2004 Picked up the steel for the engine crane. Tack welded everything together. Will get some wheels tomorrow and finish the welding.
25th September 2004 Welded up the engine crane.
26th September 2004 Tried moving the engine with the crane. Crane and engine stand need a little modification before I can use.
27th September 2004 Modified engine stand and crane. Shifted engine to engine test stand.
28th September 2004 Fitted tacho sender and alternator brackets. Need some bolts for center fittings.
30th September 2004 Picked up additional bends for inlet manifold. Checked out manifold pattern on the engine. Tried fitting new exhaust bends but not enough space between the firewall and exhaust logs. I’ll go with straight pipes.
1st October 2004 Cut aluminum bends for manifold. Fixed together temporarily and took to Adrian for welding. Fitted center fitting bolts for alternator/tacho sender brackets.
2nd October 2004 Glued up veneer for cockpit panel. Shaped prop for narrower neck and to lose weight. Shaped tips to a sharper point. Looks much better.
8th October 2004 Made up drawing for exhaust system. Logs are to be removed as space is a little tight at the back of the engine.
10th October 2004 Fitted inlet manifold and carburettor. Carb needs some fixing at the front. Will probably bolt the air box to the sump pan bolts.
12th October 2004 Fitted spark plug leads. Ordered flared tubing for exhaust stubs.
13th October 2004 Modified cockpit panels to fit with instruments installed.
14th October 2004 Instruments and Control fittings arrived from ASandS. Sorted out delivery. Checked fitting of oil pressure, oil temp and CHT senders. Need something for oil press and oil temp.
19th October 2004 Started fitting control cables. Rudder complete, one elevator complete. Need the back ordered bits from ASand S. Started making the center struts. Fitted control quadrants.
23rd October 2004 Flared the tubes for the exhaust stubs. Made the flanges to hold the exhaust stubs to the cylinder head.
24th October 2004 Started construction of the port exhaust system.
25th October 2004 Finished the welding on the port exhaust system.
26th October 2004 Started construction of the starboard exhaust system.
27th October 2004 Finished the welding on the Starboard exhaust system.
28th October 2004 Had the alternator mounting bracket welded to accomadate the two oil senders (pressure and temperature).
29th October 2004 Refitted the alternator mounting bracket. Fitted the plug leads, coils etc.
30th October 2004 Fitted the engine instruments in the engine test stand.
2nd November 2004 Started construction of the cooling "Ears".
3rd November 2004 Still on the "Ears".
4th November 2004 Still on the "Ears".
5th November 2004 Finished the "Ears". Carb heat box will be next.
7th November 2004 Made up a template for the center section fuel tank side.
19th – 30th November 2004 Trip to the Victoria Alps again, beatuiful!!
3rd December 2004 Making pulley’s for control system. Not very good. May do a re-design.
6th December 2004 Balancing the prop ready for engine start. Needs a lot of work!
8th December 2004 Still balancing the prop.
10th December 2004 Drilled all the holes for the prop hub mounting in the prop.
11th December 2004 Fitted the prop. Found I need some longer bolts.
13th December 2004 Started wiring up the engine and instruments. Need the switches and CBs from ASandS. I also need to modify the cooling ears so as to gain easy access to the distributor.
14th December 2004 Cranked the engine over for the first time. No ignition connected. Hard going with the present battery. Removed the spark plugs and it spun up really well. Probably needs the oil circulating a lot more than it is.
16th December 2004 Fitted the prop with the correct size bolts. Continued wiring and started the test stand fuel tank.
21st December 2004 Everything ready for first run. Tried but could not find a spark.
22nd December 2004 Sparked up OK but found the Oil pressure regulator spring in reversed. Corrected and engine ran for the first time.
23rd December 2004 Engine run up to 1700 rpm. Oil Pressure 50psi, temp and cht just starting to climb. Looks like a oil leak around a push rod tube. I’ll clean the engine down and have a closer look.