Build Log

Date Work
January/February 2003 Rearrange workshop for building
8th February 2003 Order two Corvair engines from Larry’s Corvair parts.
7th June 2003 Order Spruce from AS&S
20th May 2003 Engines arrive (Ship one to QLD)
22nd May 2003 Strip engine to Determine spares needed.
23rd May 2003 Make up parts list
24th May 2003 Take cylinders to “South Gippsland Engine Recon” to check whether bores and heads are suitable.
25th May 2003 Bores and heads are OK. Order new head studs from “Clarke’s Corvair Parts”.
2nd June 2003 Head studs fitted to crankcase halves
12th June 2003 Order remaining parts from Clarke’s and Corvair Underground.
14th June 2003 Pick up flex plate, starter motor and alternator from “Wonthaggi Wreckers” for engine.
20th June 2003 Pick up completed Safety Shaft
June/July 2003 Cleaned up engine parts, painted push rod tubes, cylinder bores, rocker covers, starter motor and cowling.
3rd July 2003 Ordered Dual distributor from William Wynne.
10th July 2003 Distributor arrived, painted to match starter motor.
26th July 2003 Ordered HD CV40 Carburetor from eBay
1st August 2003 Carburetor arrived.
22nd July 2003 Order aluminum for hubs
28th July 2003 Spruce arrived from AS&S.
29th July 2003 Spruce sorted and stored.
30th July 2003 Cut spruce for left side of fuselage
31st July 2003 Cut spruce for right side of fuselage
3rd August 2003 Glue up left side longeron and braces.
4th August 2003 Glue up right side longeron and braces.
7th August 2003 Order plywood for gusset’s etc
22nd August 2003 Plywood arrived from DMK Forest Products.
27th August 2003 Glue gusset’s to left outside fuse sides
28th August 2003 Glue gusset’s to right outside and left inside fuse sides
29th August 2003 Glue gusset’s to right inside fuse sides
30th August 2003 Jig up for the joining of the fuse sides.
31st August 2003 Continue jigging up for the joining of the fuse sides.
1st September 2003 Glue seat backs to fuse sides, glue up front stiffener, rear braces and tail post.
2nd September 2003 Glue bottom braces and bottom of rear seat panel.
2nd September 2003 Purchased 1/8 inch and 7/32 inch marine plywood from Brims and Marine Timbers.
3rd September 2003 Glue floor and bottom gussets
4th September 2003 Glue bottom cross braces, bottom of front seat back, rear stiffener braces and top brace on rear seat back.
5th September 2003 Glued top gussets on rear of fuse, seat bottoms and fronts, rear of rear seat (helmet box floor). Glued rear stiffener.
6th September 2003 Glued front seat and rear seat front. Working on turtle deck.
7th September 2003 Glued rear seat bottom. Still working on turtle deck.
8th September 2003 Fitted and glued Ash seat belt stiffeners, reinforced front and rear seats.
9th September 2003 Picked up engine parts from Tullamarine
10th September 2003 Cut out sides. Cutout seat belt reinforcing. Redesigned turtle deck supports.
11th September 2003 Glued seat belt reinforcing and rear torque tube mount. Glued second turtle deck support (side 1).
12th September 2003 Glued second turtle deck support (side 2) and third turtle deck support (side 1). Glued front torque tube mounting block (not fitted). Sanded sides.
13th September 2003 Cut turtle deck stringers and helmet box parts. Replaced exhaust stub in cylinder head.
14th September 2003 Cutout door in helmet box
15th September 2003 Sort wood for empennage
17th September 2003 Glue “T” on main beam
18th September 2003 Glue “T” on leading edge, helmet box front & back, turtle deck support No. 3, ply to turtle deck supports and helmet box base. Cut and set out stabilizer.
19th September 2003 Glued stabilizer, 1st side gussets
20th September 2003 Glued second side of stabilizer
21st September 2003 Glued ribs to both sides of stabilizer
22nd September 2003 Glued turtle deck and rear rudder gussets. Glued rear helmet box. Order steel for control system and fuse/wing mountings.
23rd September 2003 Cut and glued TE, LE and main beam for tail group.
24th September 2003 Made elevator No. 1, glue first side gussets.
25th September 2003 Made elevator No 2, glued first side gussets and second side elevator gussets.
26th September 2003 Cut rudder. Purchase more 1/16th and 1/8th ply from Marine Ply. Picked up prop hub from Steve. Still need crush plate.
27th September 2003 Glued rudder and tail fin. Glued ribs to elevators.
28th September 2003 Glued up fin and rudder gussets & ribs. Cut out firewall and front seat back.
29th September 2003 Sanded rudder and fin. Tried some welding.
30th September 2003 Re-glued rudder ribs in the correct position. Picked up crush plates and delivered engine bits to Ross.
2nd October 2003 Sorted out laser cutting ideas.
3rd October 2003 Cut out cowl supports and cockpit panels. Cut out center strut support bracken slots in fuse.
4th October 2003 Glued rear of front seat back (strengthening piece). Welded up front control column.
5th October 2003 Glued cowling and cockpit panels. Welded rear control column and rudder bar.
6th October 2003 Drawing metal fittings on Visio for Laser cutting
7th October 2003 Drawing metal fittings on Visio for Laser cutting. Cut edges for tail section and spacers for cowl support
8th October 2003 Completed preliminary drawings of metal fittings.
9th October 2003 Glued tail section edges and cowl support strengthening (rear pit only)
10th October 2003 Welded front rudder pedals. Made rudder strap.
11th October 2003 Checked drawings. Completed examination, corrections still to do.
12th October 2003 Visit from Mike Green. Glued front cockpit strengtheners.
13th October 2003 Tried finding hardware in Moorabbin. Not easy.
14th October 2003 Re-drawing metal fitting drawings.
15th October 2003 Re-drawing metal fitting drawings.
16th October 2003 Re-drawing metal fitting drawings.
20th October 2003 Drawings ready to send. Requested quote for steel from AP&E. Sanded fuse sides.
21st October 2003 Re-design control column to take account of large diameter end bearing. Ordered hardware from AS&S and crankcase cover from WW. Bought end bearings for bell crank.
22nd October 2003 Shopping again for steel.
23rd October 2003 Re-designed control columns again
24th October 2003 Glued front turtle deck cover and elevator bell crank mountings.
25th October 2003 Check out wood for wing spars. Visit from Ric
26th October 2003 Glued reinforcing on bell crank mountings
27th October 2003 Reinforced seat bottoms. Cut holes in Torque tube for pulleys.
28th October 2003 Re-draw metal fitting drawings for new sizes of steel.
31st October 2003 Delivered steel and drawings to Laser3D.
2nd November 2003 Fitting tube ends to elevator torque tube. Finished cutting the holes for the pulleys in the Aileron torque tube.
3rd November 2003 Started to redo the control system
5th November 2003 Still doing the control systems
6th November 2003 Purchase more steel for the control system (redo)
7th November 2003 Welded the elevator bell crank and fitted to fuse.
12th November 2003 Picked up steel from Laser3D. Excellent job!!
13th November 2003 Welded aileron control horn. Finished torque tube. Working on control tubes for elevators.
14th November 2003 Sorted steel into piles. Found two pieces missing. Will have to make by hand. made up the rudder pedals and brakes. With the pieces laser cut it was almost like building a Meccanno model.
15th November 2003 Bent steel for rudder mount. Tried organising Laser cutting for the missing pieces.
18th November 2003 Glued the rear seat bottom sides and the front cowl support reinforcing. Cut cardboard templates for the top and cockpit cowling.
19th November 2003 Draw up the fuel tank and work out ASandS fuel filler spout and outlet flange.
1st December 2003 Picked up cylinder heads and crankshaft. Ross getting distortion in the cylinder barrel when honing.
2nd December 2003 Welded the rudder pedals and toe brakes. All left now is to bolt everything in place.
21st – 30th November 2003 4WD trip to the Victorian Alps.
4th December 2003 Bolted all control systems in place with the hardware I had. Ordered additional items from ASandS. Looks good. Removed everything again to glue the sides.
5th December 2003 Sanded sides of fuse to take the ply sides. Glued the reinforcing for the swing arm on the back of the rear seat.
6th December 2003 Glued the left side to the fuse.
7th december 2003 Glued the right side to fuse.
8th December 2003 Glued the elevator horn control rod guide under the rear seat.
9th December 2003 Sanded the elevator horn control rod guide, now complete.
10th December 2003 Started fixing of the side stringer. Glued the top guides in place on the left hand side of the fuse. Trying to organise welding of the fuel tank. Looks like the Xmas closed down starts early!!!
11th December 2003 Glued left hand side stringer in place. Drilled holes of mounting bolts for engine mount and cabane strut fittings on the left hand side.
12th December 2003 Glued top guides for the right hand side stringer. Drilled holes for the bolts for engine mount and cabane strut fittings on the right hand side of the fuselage.
13th December 2003 Glued reinforcing for bottom engine mounts. Seems I made the bottom gussets too small for the size of the mount bracket. Tack welded the motor mount compression strut. Sat in the fuselage for the first time. Feels good, not cramped at all.
14th December 2003 Finished welding compression strut. Primer coat sprayed on control system parts and motor mount fittings
15th December 2003 Fitted engine mount fittings to fuselage. Bent undercarriage fittings ready for welding.
16th December 2003 Welded rear undercarriage parts together. One warped slightly. I may have to redo.
17th December 2003 Took Alastair and his mate Steve for a fly to celebrate 100 years of flight.
18th December 2003 Sanded tail feathers to shape.
19th December 2003 Continued sanding tail feathers.
20th December 2003 Prepared and primed tail feather fittings.
21st December 2003 Glued ply reinforcing for stabilizor and fin mounts on to fuselage.